Win Million Dollars? Tips from Real Millionaires

Win Million Dollars? Tips from Real Millionaires

Gambling market is not influenced by either an economic crisis or unemployment. The main reason is that the gambling mentality suits absolutely any nation. Yes, someone spends more on it, someone spends less, but everyone plays in the end. The desire to win is in human blood.

Gambling is a multi-billion-dollar business and it’s an activity for millions of people. Why so? The main desire is to win and only 1-2% of from all of these gamblers play just for fun and entertainment. The last ones are not afraid of losing as the game is a ritual for them. Leading world economists have repeatedly announced that the desire to win is the engine of national economy for many of the most developed countries.

So. What does it take to win your first million?

Positive Thinking

The first thing is to truly believe it's possible. Don’t limit your beliefs and cultivate faith in your own success. It might seem doubtable but it’s one of the psychological techniques: to think that you are able to do something, to visualize it helps to relaxes and to attract good luck toward yourself. It is very important to really experience the feelings and emotions like you have already won. Remember, everything that happens to you is a product of your thoughts.

One important note. You need to treat the game with ease and a good mood. Don’t spend your last money on the game and don’t try to win money for something very important, like surgery. 


The easiest way to change your financial well-being is to win a lottery. There are a lot of stories in media sources about those lucky people who won tons of money. Those fortunate souls can win by either purchasing a lucky ticket or guessing the right number combination. Some play for years and some are lucky to buy one single ticket.

Slot Machines

Modern Technologies made gaming easier. You can play wherever and whenever you want. And the jackpots size in slot machines has risen greatly. The maximum value is 10 million dollars. And that’s considering the lack of knowledge you need to obtain to learn to play it. A really win-win situation. Some still try to find patterns in the work of slot machines and to use these pattern in order to gain a lot of money. In any case, this game has almost no restrictions and has already given millions of dollars to different lucky ones.


Winning at roulette depends more on fortune, but big winnings are also not uncommon here.

One of the biggest wins at roulette was registered in Russia. The bet was $100 on red and $200 on zero. Before that, the player had already had quite a big win. The decisive spin enriched the Russian by $25,000.

Card Games

Here, winning is not about the luck only. Most of the card games, especially poker, are concentrated on understanding human nature. Are you good at reading human emotions and lies? Great. But it takes years of practice before you start to win really good money.

To sum it up, we have several important notes.

  • learn the rules of the game;

  • don’t bet the last money;

  • always be positive and don’t be afraid to lose.

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