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Are the mobile slots worth your attention?

Before we start talking about mobile slots, it is worth remembering what online slots are and how casinos switched to mobile applications. Slot machines, regardless of the site or casino, are a type of gambling that is incredibly simple and much of it is decided by chance. In classic slots, there was a field with vertical areas – "reels" and horizontal "pay-lines". In the new versions, there may be winning lines of various shapes and the reels feature new types of symbols that determine whether you win real money or not. 
If the pay-line contains the required number of the same symbols, then you get your winnings in the amount of the bet multiplied by the coefficient, which depends on the seniority of the symbols. The value of each symbol and the coefficient, which depends on their number in the pay-line, are indicated in the paytable, which is attached to the description of the game.
Mobile casinos are the third generation of online casinos and are the latest solution in terms of the convenience of the players and the level of accessibility to the game at any time. The market of mobile devices is now at an unprecedented peak of popularity, as almost every person has a smartphone, moreover, updated versions are released regularly every six months from each of the manufacturers. And better smartphone performance entails development of new mobile slots with new opportunities to improve mobile gambling.
Of all gambling entertainment slots are best suited for playing on mobile devices, as they are not overloaded with elements and small buttons that are difficult to hit with your finger. Moreover, they do not require a huge amount of RAM and have small requirements for video cards of mobile devices.
The slot machine is considered one of the most popular games in the casino industry, and with the transition to your mobile devices, they have only strengthened their positions.
If you already had experience playing slot machines before using the mobile version, then you are already fully prepared to play slots on mobile, since there are no special differences between the desktop and mobile versions.

Disadvantages of mobile versions of slot games

  • Your phone may not meet the minimum requirements for loading slots pay by mobile. Or, your device's firmware version does not support the recent updates of casino software.
  • Even if your phone is suitable in terms of characteristics, there is a possibility that the game will be slightly worse in graphics, since the smoothness of animations, the speed of action, and the clarity of the image directly depends on the device's features and the quality of the Internet connection.
  • This type of gambling (slots online gambling) may be prohibited in your country by the casino or your state.
  • Although slot games are the most massive segment of casino games, in some mobile casinos the list of mobile slots may be limited. Besides, the majority of what is presented is 3- or 5-reel mobile slot machines. For example, mainstream online casinos offer mobile slots to play with 7 reels or more and huge pay-line variations, but not all mobile versions can offer you the same interesting product. Often there is even no progressive jackpot.
  • If your phone does not automatically clean up temporary files that were downloaded during the game, then this can significantly slow down its work in the future.
  • There are online slots mobile that have not been adapted for small smartphone screens, but just a smaller version of the site for a PC. Most often it happens in mobile casinos that do not require downloads, so-called flash or instant casinos. This approach negatively affects the gaming experience, as navigation and gameplay will be complicated.

Reasons to try the mobile version of slots

  • The extreme accessibility of the game, as it is not even possible to simplify this point even more.
  • Mobile Internet is now available at any place in the world, so you can safely play your favorite slot machine games between work, on the road, and so on, not only when you are at home.
  • If you already have an account in a casino that offers a mobile version, then you do not need to create a new one and make a deposit again, all your bonuses, information about the activity, and VIP status, if you have one, will be saved for mobile option. Just use the device that is more convenient for you at the moment.
  • Some casinos offer versions of mobile slots that work even without an Internet connection, which is very convenient if you are traveling in areas with unstable connections.
  • The free mobile slots and demo versions are quite common, so you can check in practice how good the games offered to you are.
  • You can still participate in tournaments from your phone, receive prizes and mobile slots no deposit bonuses, withdraw your winnings without leaving the application, and much more. The mobile casinos in general and mobile slots in particular work completely the same as other online casinos.
  • Well-optimized slot machines are better adapted to different screen sizes.
  • In addition to slots that can be played from any device, casinos offer you unique mobile slots with pay by phone bill that are only available on smartphones or tablets.
  • Now almost all slots mobile are written in HTML5, which is compatible with all platforms.
  • In general, such slots are a safer option for the game in terms of privacy, since the phone belongs only to you, as opposed to the PC or laptop, which is sometimes shared among family members.

Main criteria for choosing mobile slots

The list of requirements for all slots mobile combines the requirements for online casinos in general. Players rely on personal preferences or the recommendations of friends, but there are mandatory points.
To the casino:
  • Active license.
  • Functioning in your country.
  • A high-quality website or application that is convenient to work with.
  • The quality and variety of the games presented.
  • Support service 24/7.
  • Good reviews on forums and reputation of an honest institution among other players.
  • The bonus system will be a big plus.
  • Not too complicated or lengthy a procedure for depositing and withdrawing funds.
To the online mobile slots:
  • Nice view and convenient design. For the convenience of the game in mobile versions, it is especially important that the size of the play buttons and the screen were in the correct proportion.
  • All information about the rules, payments, and bonuses must be available to the player.
  • Return To Player (RTP) percentage and volatility value.
  • Slot software manufacturer.
  • The presence of bonus mini-games and slots free spins makes the game much more interesting.

How and on what to play mobile slots

If you have a phone working on one of the platforms like Android, Windows, iOS, or BlackBerry, then you most likely will not encounter problems with downloading and gameplay.
  • Android is the most popular operating system, so all manufacturers will have a casino version for it, free mobile slot games can be downloaded through Google Play, but if you do not want to download additional files, then the best instant play mobile slots are always in your browser.
  • Next in popularity is Apple with its iOS. For iPhone users, slot games are available in the App Store. Previously, there were problems with access to games based on Adobe Flash, but this language is no longer officially supported worldwide, so the problem disappeared by itself over time.
  • BlackBerry switched to Android OS, but mobile online casinos still offer free mobile casino slots and other gambling software and for users from this relatively small group.
  • For smartphones based on Windows, the transition to mobile casinos was the easiest, since there is already a ready-made solution for computers running the OS of the same name.
Mobile online casinos offer you two options for playing – a downloadable version or a mobile version of a regular instant gaming site. Which one you choose depends on the availability of free space on the phone, the amount of RAM, other smartphone's technical characteristics, and the degree of comfort during the game. Each of the options has its disadvantages and advantages, there is no universal choice, so rely on your preferences.
Next, you register or log in to an existing account, check personal data for the correctness, deposit balance, and availability of free spins no deposit bonuses. Choose the slot game you like, go through the demo version (if you do not want to place bets on it right away), and enjoy the process.