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The most useful information about casinos with bonuses

The key to success, popularity, and long-term work for a casino is not only high-quality games, a good website, and the absence of problems with the law. Competent marketing plays an important role for each establishment. It performs two functions: attracting & retaining new players (after all, the profit depends on the number of clients) and the work of some game mechanics, for example, the jackpot (its value directly depends on the number of players). One of the main tools of this marketing is creation of casino with bonuses, about which we will try to inform you on this topic as much as possible.

What are bonuses and why are they needed?

The gambling market offers you a huge selection of casinos, which may not differ much from each other, because the set of games and internal rules for establishments of a certain segment can be almost identical.
Let's say your choice fell on one of the many casinos, and the site owners have a reasonable question: how to make sure that the player will stay here and will not go to the competitors? Bonuses. The best casino bonuses allow you to evaluate the product here and now without risks, and to be interested in the process of gaming.
So, bonuses give you additional gaming options, casino free virtual money, free spins (when it comes to slot games). But remember, if this is not stipulated in the rules in advance, then all bonuses are active by default only in one particular casino with bonuses.

Bonus classification

We created for you list of TOP most popular mobile casino bonus types:
  • One-time use. A bonus that is issued and used only once for some unique event, for example, registration.
  • Periodic. This type of bonus can be received regularly, for example, when visiting the site regularly, or upon reaching in-game goals.
  • No deposit. Issued immediately, without depositing real money. There are several "buts" here. To receive a win from a no deposit bonus, you must fulfill the wagering requirements, that is, make a specific number of bets, for the amount determined by the casino. Further, if you have fulfilled this condition of the no deposit bonus, you may be asked to deposit real money into the account, and you also need to keep track of the terms, since the payment of the winnings may be refused due to the expired bonus.
  • Deposit. To receive a deposit bonus (also called the “match bonus”), you must make a certain contribution to your gaming account. Usually, this bonus is a fixed percentage of the amount you deposited. The casinos prescribe the rules regarding the minimum and maximum amount of replenishment of the balance, and they also indicate how many bonuses can be received for each amount. 
Example: Fill your account up with $100 and get $20 free bonus and 100 spins!
Deposit bonuses are distinguished by a lower wager and simpler terms of withdrawal and use than no deposit free casino bonus. It is important to consider how favorable the conditions are, which at first glance are ideal. How? Calculate how much you need to deposit, following the rules and the wager, and compare the amount you spent and the amount of the mobile casino bonus. If the first exceeds the second, then this bonus is disadvantageous for you.
  • With conclusion. This means that the internal currency donated to you can be withdrawn to the electronic wallet.
  • No withdrawal. These bonuses can only be spent by placing bets in the game.
  • A sticky or phantom bonus. This name is not official and is not used by the casino in advertising campaigns, but it still takes place in some gambling establishments. The essence of the sticky bonus is that it literally "sticks" to the game account and cannot be withdrawn even if all the conditions are met, but only be used during the game. From the advantages: the player can make large bets due to this bonus.

Phantom bonuses are a more common, and these are not the best online casino bonus. They simply disappear from the account in the process of withdrawing the winnings, and that why it got its name.

So, summing up – the sticky withdrawal bonus simply remains on the account for making some bets, and the phantom bonus just evaporates if you have not used it in time.

How can I get the casino bonuses?

  • For registration. As we said above, this is a one-time mobile casino bonus. Sign-up bonuses are designed to encourage you to stay on the site and start playing, not just watch and leave. When register you leave your data to the casino, and in return, you get internal money or free spins.
    Example: Register right now and get 50 free spins to your account!
  • For depositing money into the account. Players who regularly fill up their balance are encouraged with a gift, as a percentage of the amount deposited.
  • For attracting new players. If you have invited your friend to a gambling site, then when the conditions of the casino are fulfilled (for example, with a certain number of bets played by your friend or if he replenishing his account), you will receive bonuses.
  • For returning. If you have not visited the casino site for a long time, then with such bonuses it tries to invite the player back. Usually, return bonuses have a time limit, which should also encourage you to use them as soon as possible. Sometimes such bonuses are associated with the release of new games or some kind of event.
  • Cashback. Comes after the long-term cooperation of a player and casino. Cashback is a very important type of bonus since everyone loses from time to time, and disappointment from failure can lead to a negative towards the casino. The returned percentage of loss smooths out the situation and raises the player's mood. This is a tool for retaining players by young gambling establishments and is rarely found in reputable casinos since it is inherently unprofitable.
  • Calendar bonuses. Discounts or gifts for a specific day of the week, month, holiday, or player's birthday.
  • VIP. This is a system of rewarding especially active players who, for the amount of time spent and money deposited into the account, receive the VIP status, and with it the accompanying bonuses, for example, monthly or weekly. To become a member of the VIP program, you need to participate in tournaments, regularly attract new players, constantly play and generally be a regular user. Such players receive the most lucrative mobile casino bonus offers, as the casino values them.
  • Bonuses for the selected payment method. Casinos that cooperate with various payment systems offer discounts or bonuses to players who have chosen the casino's partner company to make a money transfer. Usually, it is 10-15% of the deposit amount. Thus, the player can compensate the commission for money transactions.

Positive aspects of playing with bonuses

  • Increasing your bankroll (the total amount of money in the game), which increases the opportunity to win and the total time playing.
  • This is a nice addition to the process and a variety of things, a kind of gift from the casino. Offline casinos offer snacks and drinks, and online casinos offer bonuses and promotions.
  • Bonuses are a good opportunity to test drive the games that interest you, and a way to evaluate the tactics and mechanics of the game.

Cons and disadvantages, conditions to pay attention to

Logically, bonuses cannot be unprofitable to the casino, therefore, all the conditions of the bonuses that are offered should be carefully read and calculated, because there may be no need for such bonuses at all. Sometimes there are so many rules of use and they are so difficult to achieve that all casino advertising loses all meaning.
For example, you decide to deposit $1,000, the welcome bonus is 100%, so there will get $2,000 on your account. The wager of this bonus is x20, which means that to withdraw your winnings you need to wager 2000x20. It turns out in $40,000 of winnings, and the return to player (RTP) percentage is 98%, which means that 2% of the winnings go to the casino, which is $800. This amount does not exceed the $1000 bonus received by the player at the beginning, so it is OK. But what if the RTP is 97%? Then 3% of 40 thousand is equal to 1200 dollars. A one percent difference in RTP turns a conditionally good deal into a bad one.
Keep in mind that all the given values are exaggerated and conditional; for each casino and type of bonus, such a calculation will be different.
Advertising banners that offer you cooperation with the casino and bonuses do not carry full information, therefore read carefully the terms of use which are specified in a special section of the casino website.

Items to be checked

  • 1. Mobile casino bonus type.
  • 2. Wager.
  • 3. Bonus working time.
  • 4. What types of games is this bonus active on?
  • 5. Minimum and maximum rates.
  • 6. Percentage of bets. (In some games, the wager is counted not for the full rate, but its percentage)
  • 7. Actions that are prohibited. For example, wagering on a double game or a bet on two positions in roulette may not be considered.
  • 8. Bonus overlay and compatibility. Some bonuses may not count if others are active.
  • 9. Withdrawal conditions
  • 10. Bonus activity in your country. Sometimes bonuses only work for residents of certain regions, and you are unlucky enough to see advertisements intended for them.
If you encounter difficulties or some options are completely described on the site, then contact the support service, as they are required to provide you with a detailed answer. This is especially true for sites which interface does not support your native language.
When registering, be sure to indicate your data correctly, because a discrepancy between the entered information and reality may result in non-payment of winnings and, in the worst case, accusations of fraud. Usually, you are asked to fill in your name, e-mail address, phone number, or other means for contacting you and identifying yourself. Further, in your e-mail, you confirm the fact of registration, and if the system or the administrator does not have any questions, you can start playing.
Double-check your details in your account and the availability of a welcome bonus.
Before withdrawing funds, be sure to check that the bonus is fully used, otherwise, there may be difficulties with the withdrawal of funds or the remaining bonus will burn out.

Good news for those who do not like conditions

You always have the option to choose. Choose which bonus to use and whether to use it at all. Not everyone has a desire to calculate how much there is left to play until the conditions are met and to be constantly guided in the game process only by the wager coefficient.
The live casino bonus is an optional part of participation in the game process, but, unfortunately, not all players are aware of this and will only find out about it after the first deposit, or never at all. Such happens because often nowhere is written about this in a large print, and there may not be such a button either. You must write to the support service or the casino administrator with a request not to activate the bonus. Try to do this before making a deposit, do not worry, in any case, there is no reason for the casino to lose a client, so most likely they will not refuse you in this.
Another benefit of reading the casino operating conditions and bonuses: sometimes they already state that the bonus is not required to use.
Options without wagers are best casino bonuses, but they very rare and this is already a reality, generous gift. You are given money to use without any conditions.

Why are there so many rules and what is bonus hunting?

We have informed you about all the difficulties in obtaining bonuses, their conditions, advantages, and pitfalls. This is all a consequence. But what is the reason?
The reason for such a huge number of reservations in the rules for using bonuses is not only because they can be profitable or unprofitable to the casino, but also in the fact that the system becomes more complicated for someone who wants to break it.
These people are bonus hunters. Many of the rules mentioned above were introduced precisely for the casino to protect itself from fraudsters seeking to enrich themselves dishonestly due to loopholes in the casino's rules.
Bonus hunters are looking for bonuses with minimal wagers, not very strict conditions, and strive to win the maximum amount by using a mathematical calculation. And then they withdraw the winnings with few investments made. That is why, for example, no deposit bonuses are overgrown with thick armor consisting of such obstacles.

Gray and white wagering

Bonus hunting is undesirable for a casino, but there is still a gray wagering zone that is not directly prohibited but may raise doubts about the honesty and legality of the casino administration.
There are many gray schemes with bonuses, which are based on the mechanics of the game and the flaws in the rules for using them. These rules are created to quickly win back the wager with minimal losses, but low variance (risk level) and strive to cover the options with the maximum winning percentage.
White methods are legal, casino-allowed bonus wagering processes. They are described in the rules of bonuses and if you follow all the instructions, then there should be no problems with the withdrawal.


Using all the information obtained above and carefully reading the latest rules of both casinos and bonuses, you can get exactly positive emotions and profit in the form of additional funds.
It is important to understand that bonuses are a means of advertising and if you are not sure that you can pull the wager and are afraid of losing your deposit, then just refuse them.
Most players advise using bonuses with a wager below x40 and a return rate above 97%. Guided by this rule, but by checking the numbers by yourself (it all depends on the number of funds contributed to the account), you will secure your game.