NFT Drop in Victoria Wild West Game from 25+ Casino Operators

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NFT Drop in Victoria Wild West Game from 25+ Casino Operators

The TRUE ecosystem has introduced NFT Drop in the Victoria Wild West Game at 25+ casino operators. The presentation of NFT Drop was made possible through a profitable partnership with innovative casino game provider TrueLab Game Studios. Ecosystem managed to bring NFT gamification mechanics to their game Victoria Wild West with the TRUE solution for the online gambling industry.

What awaits users?

The main feature of NFT Drop is not only a soft launch, but also an increase in the number of potential players. After the updated integration, there are 70% more users and this is a truly unique figure.

The Wild West-themed Victoria Wild West slot machine won the hearts of real connoisseurs of quests. The production version with seamless integration of NFT gamification mechanics is the best option for users from all over the world. The implementation of NFT Drop aims to reach audiences in a sustainable way. It is noteworthy that such an action attracts players from areas such as iGaming and NFT. Accordingly, the introduction of NFT Drop is a win-win situation for all parties.

The TRUE team is confident that the first integration will attract a huge number of NFT holders. The result of such interaction may be the mass introduction of NFT. What will it give? Engagement and retention of the audience, which will significantly expand opportunities, as well as reduce the cost of attracting new users.

The drop is now available to casino operators based on platforms, leading B2B providers, including SOFTSWISS, and the list is constantly expanding.

Victoria Wild West NFT Collection - what is it?

The NFT collection is built into the game, and NFT tokens are randomly dropped during the game. Drop contains about 15,000 NFTs of various types. Due to what, the main characters can carry out their missions. Each of the drop-down items has a high utility rate, which significantly complements the storyline of the game.

After receiving the token, the player can activate it via TRUE iFrame. The main feature is that you don’t have to interrupt the gameplay and leave the platform. An exit to an external wallet is not required, this is the main feature. You can pick up NFTs during the game, collect them in albums and achieve good results. Collecting NFTs allows you to receive additional benefits, including interest on bets. There are many advantages, and this is an indisputable fact.

It is worth noting that crafting is one of the most impressive tools that can only be implemented in the game. The NFT collection is represented by rare elements used to create high value tokens. Upon reaching five crafting levels, additional rewards will become available.

Success or failure?

The NFT collection, despite its recent appearance, is in genuine demand. It is doomed to success, there can be no defeat. The first results were quite worthy:

  1. Conversion rate - more than 50%.
  2. Number of new players - more than 73%.
  3. Average number of sessions - 44% more.

The integration of NFT mechanics greatly motivates players to return to the game soon. Accordingly, the percentage of involvement and retention is at a high level. The volumes of older games have also been increased, with no promotional costs required. Everything is organic, and only thanks to integration.

A few words about TRUE

TRUE is the infrastructure through which you can interact with the NFT. The ecosystem offers interesting and effective solutions to help Web2 companies increase the number of potential players, as well as motivate them to constantly return to the game.

The platform provides a complete set of tools needed to successfully integrate NFT gamification mechanics. The ecosystem offers ready-made solutions that all partners can use. The TRUE team has created unique tools including White-label NFT Marketplace, TRUE Wallet, API and SDK. Their main task is to attract and retain an audience.

The TRUE team is confident that the utility token is a true growth driver for the NFT market. Its use is useful for everyone involved in the gambling business: casinos, gamers, developers.

Well, it remains in practice to get to know the new integrations better, as well as to evaluate their advantages. The developer predicts not only a harmonious attraction of customers, but also a rapid increase in income.

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