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How to choose the right video slot for a beginner?

A video slot is a type of slot machine with vertical spinning reels and pay-lines. The prefix "video" means the transition from mechanics in a real machine to the image on the screen. That is, there were no spinning reels in fact, and a gambler at video slots casino just observed the process, and the internal computer produced random sequences of numbers.
The transition from mechanics to software greatly facilitated the game process, because the classic slots became easier to maintain and innovate. Thus, we have thematic slots and additional rules of the game, and slot machine games from a couple of option have grown to the numerous in kind and popular type of online gambling.
After the transition to online of all slot machines, the meaning of the prefix "video" disappeared, because, theoretically, all machines are now just a visualization of familiar images, and now the main difference between new video slots and classic slot games is in the game mechanics.
When you hear that the slot machine is "classic", then you should understand that there will be three reels and one pay-line. In some classic slot machines (most often these are Fruit ones) each reel is separately stopped by its button. The new online video slots have a lot of variations, which differ in the number of reels (mainly starting from five), the number of pay-lines, and their shape (not only horizontal but, for example, diagonal). The design, style, rules, combinations, etc. of new video slot machines are limited only by the imagination of the developers.
Compared to their predecessors, new video slots to play can boast:
  • An increased number of variables (symbols, lines, and reels).
  • Prize games, bonuses, jackpots, risk gambling, etc.
  • Interesting graphics and animations, sometimes with the use of VR technologies.
But in general, nothing has changed, you spin the reels, get a set of symbols on the line and wait for winning combinations.

What is the principle of video slots work?

You do not need any special skills or analytical calculations while playing free online slot games. The game process and interface are designed in such a way that the player is intuitively clear about what needs to be done.
  • Register on the casino website, deposit to your account, and select the game that interests you.
  • Set a bet (the deposit you risk per line).
  • Choose the number of pay-lines. With each new line, the bet will increase, so if you do not want to bet a large amount, but are trying to cover the maximum number of probabilities, then first you should try to make the minimum size bet (indicated in the rules of the casino or slot machine).
  • Next, you choose the mode you want to play. This can be automatic mode, where the system performs spins (reel spins) independently, or manual, where the game is started by each click on the button.
  • Enjoy the process, collect combinations, receive winnings.
The game consists not only in collecting combinations of the same symbols but also in combinations that contain special symbols that give you additional game options or prizes. For example, free spins, opening additional mini-games, replacing missing symbols to create a winning combination, increasing the value of the combination, etc. For some additional practice a gambler can play free video slots.
Your winnings are calculated according to the paytable, which is presented in the game description. All symbols are distributed by seniority and the amount of the prize depends on their number in the combination. It is clear that if you have the required number of identical symbols on the line you win, but at the same time if they are of the lowest value, then the winning will be small. The calculation of the value of a symbol is based on the frequency of its appearance on each of the reels. The more often it appears, the lower the dignity.
How to choose a video slot for a beginner?
The choice that any casino will present to you is huge, and there will hardly be an opportunity to try every game, so you should try to narrow your searches with such points:
  • Choose the video slots for fun that pleases you visually, as the first impression plays a huge role. You should not spend time with a game that has an annoying design and awkward interface.
  • Check out the lists of the best video slots on the gaming sites you trust.
  • Read reviews from other players. Of course, such an opinion is extremely subjective, but if there are phrases about fraud, deception, or non-payment, it is better to bypass such gambling establishments. Truly professional casinos value their reputation and will not cheat players.
  • Find out info about the availability of bonuses and free spins for new players. It will be useful to get acquainted with the game without spending money, but, for example, using the welcome bonus. Still, be careful, each bonus has its rules for receiving and using, you cannot just get them and then withdraw them. The bonus bank must be wagered with the wagering odds (the number of times that you have to play for the bonus amount).
  • The more symbols with special properties the game have, the better.
  • Choose the best video slots with the highest RTP ratio possible. This is the percentage of the winnings that are returned to the player, the rest is taken by the casino. An RTP of 97% or more is considered acceptable.
  • Find out about the variance of the best video slots you like. Variance or volatility is the level of risk. Rated up to 20. The higher the variance, the riskier each bet is. However, the coefficient of winning on such slots is much higher.
  • Until you gain experience, it is better not to choose among the best free video slots with a large minimum bet.
  • Do not trust people who say that they can predict the combinations that will come next. Either they are lying, or a video slots casino provides a predictable machine and this is fraudulent. All combinations are the result of a completely random process that runs on a random number generator, which is strictly monitored to work properly.
  • Do not strive for maximum wealth or jackpot play when you are new to the world of gambling.

Explanation of basic concepts

  • Wild. This is the name of a symbol that can replace the missing one, to gain wins. This applies only to standard symbols and does not affect bonuses and special ones. For example, you have four cherries, and the fifth symbol is wild, then it automatically turns into a cherry.
  • Scatter. It allows you to collect a combination of symbols that are not on the same pay-line.
  • Wild-Scatter. Some games have a symbol with a combination of the two properties mentioned above.
  • Bonus. Opens a bonus mini-game or special game properties.
  • Multipliers. These are multiplier symbols that increase the winning amount by x2, x3, and so on.
With the help of special symbols, developers try to diversify the game process, bring more interactivity, and increase the size of your winnings several times.

Myths and misconceptions about video slots

The operation of casino online slot machines is based on mathematics with the theory of probability and completely random events. Therefore, do not build expectations regarding the repetitive combinations. An increase or decrease in the bet, the duration of the game, or the time of day, the variation of any other parameters will in no way affect the frequency of symbols.
If you are a beginner, then start with small bets, approach the issue of choosing a machine as pragmatically as possible, and if there are any doubts, first try the free casino video slot games demo version, fortunately, they are available for the top most popular video slots. Remember that gambling is a form of leisure with the possibility of a pleasant addition in the form of winnings, but not a source of enrichment.
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