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All what you should to know about exclusive casino no deposit bonus

To attract new players and increase their activity, a bonus system is introduced. There are several types of bonus systems, but now we will discuss exactly no deposit bonuses, and in particular exclusive casino no deposit bonus.
The online casino bonuses are not only a way of advertising, but also a chance for a player to fully evaluate the quality of the content, get acquainted with the process of the game, and get a pleasant gift in the form of a win without investing the funds. It is offered because you get a positive experience and continue to cooperate with the casino, then both you and the site administration will be satisfied with the result.
The level of no deposit bonuses profitability for the player, the rules of use, and other nuances may differ from one casino to another, but we will try to clarify this topic in this article as much as possible.

What is a no deposit bonus?

As with any other bonus, the exclusive casino no deposit bonus is rewarded for unique events, actions, or regular visits, but the main difference is that the no deposit bonus is issued before the player replenishes the balance.
Having received and wagered such a bonus, you can evaluate the quality of the casino and the game for which it was offered, get a real win, and a certain amount of gaming experience. Most often, this type of bonus is issued to slot machines due to the simplicity of the gaming process. No deposit bonuses are divided into free spins and the local currency of the game (tokens).
  • Free spins allow the player to make a certain number of spins on the slot machine for free. Many slots even have a special button for automatically starting free spins, and the whole process takes place without the direct participation of the player, you just have to watch the results.
  • Cash bonuses are a little more complicated. You may be given tokens for betting or a full-fledged deposit of funds to an internal account, but you should not think that you can simply withdraw these funds to your credit card at the same time. All casinos set their own rules for the use of no deposit bonuses, and sometimes they are quite difficult to follow. Before withdrawing the no deposit bonus, you need to wager it first.
Do not confuse "no deposit bonus" games with the casino no rules bonus demo versions, where there is no monetary interaction at all until you start betting real money. You can use the demo version and forget about it, but using the no deposit bonus means that you are already a full-fledged participant in the gambling game, moreover, you can win real, not hypothetical money.

What are wager and RTP?

Before agreeing to a no deposit bonus, you should understand that there is such a thing as a wager.
The bonus is no deposit because you get it before you enter money into the account, but it must be wagered with a coefficient, which is the value of the wager. For example, wagers below x35 are considered profitable, and if you received a $10 bonus, then to be able to withdraw the money received from the no deposit bonus, you need to make bets at 10x35, which means $350. If you have fixed your bet at $5, then you may need 70 games to monetize your bonus.
RTP is another important parameter for online gaming. It translates as "return to player" and represents a percentage of the winnings that will be returned to you. Usually, RTP ranges from 90 to 97%, but there are games in which this figure is close to 99%.
It is logical that the higher the return percentage and the lower the wager, the better for you.
When can I get a no deposit bonus?
  • Welcome bonus or gift for registration. After you have entered your data in the registration form and confirmed the fact of registration in your e-mail or via message system, bonuses in the form of in-game currency or free spins are sent to your account. The amount of the bonuses or the number of free spins must be indicated in the description of the bonus or in the advertising banner that offers you the services of this casino.
    Always check the availability of your bonuses in your account or the game system.
    Please note that a welcome gift can be received only once, for registering one account. If the casino administrator notices unusual activity, for example, multiple accounts from one IP address, then your access to the site may be blocked.
  • Holiday bonuses. Each country has its holidays, but the birthday (the date of which you indicated at the time of registration) and the New Year are the most frequent reasons for awarding a bonus to a player due to the holidays. Most likely, you will be sent a unique one-time promotional code by e-mail, the action of which is limited. If you have not received any of promised bonuses, be sure to contact technical support.
  • Regular rewards for active play or VIP status. If you are a loyal visitor to a particular casino, then it will strive to strengthen player retention by giving weekly or monthly bonuses.
  • Another way to get bonuses can be participation in tournaments or attracting new players by using referral links.

Things to look out for

  • Mandatory wagering. Until all the conditions for using the bonus are met, you will not be able to withdraw even a part of those funds that have already been won.
  • The amount of the bonus. The work of a casino is not an attraction of unprecedented generosity, and along with the fact that they want to attract you with interesting offers, you need to understand that each numerical value of "gifts" has been calculated and verified. Therefore, sometimes, considering that you need to fulfill the list of conditions, the bonuses are not as profitable as they seem. Most often, the no deposit bonus does not exceed 20 euros or dozens of free spins.
  • Limited time. Each of the bonus options has a timer. The time to receive, use or withdraw is regulated and spelled out in the rules. For example, the casino may give you a week to complete the wager and withdraw funds, otherwise, the bonus and winnings will expire.
  • Maximum rate. If you exceed the maximum bet or violate the condition not to place bets on equally possible events, the gift will also be canceled.
  • Not all games of the online casino support the bonus you received. Their circle is limited or even reduced to one game, and nothing can be done with this until you have used the bonus in full.
  • There may be additional conditions to receive a bonus casino, for example, subscribe to a newsletter, social networks, additionally download something or follow a link to an advertising site.
  • When registering, indicate only the current data and contacts, otherwise, it is easy to get a refusal when you try to withdraw. Reputable licensed casinos are not going to allow players to engage in fraudulent activities, so they can find fault with absolutely everything.
  • The no-deposit registration bonus is a one-time, those who violate this rule are blocked, and in especially massive cases of fraud attempts, an entire country can be blocked too.

Withdraw of funds

Let's imagine that you have already received a bonus, familiarized yourself with all the rules, played the entire amount on a wager, and how can you further withdraw the money and use them? The money can be transferred to the:
  • Ordinary bank cards. (Visa or MasterCard)
  • Payment systems for transfers (Neteller and Skrill)
  • Cryptocurrency wallets.
Depending on the system you choose, the transfer can take from several minutes to several days. If the transaction is delayed for a longer period, contact the casino or your banking support service. The problem may lie both in the internal delays of the payment system, and in the refusal of payments by the casino.
You may be asked to make a minimum payment to your internal casino wallet before withdrawing your winnings from a casino exclusive bonus for quality control purposes. The problem is that this deposit will also need to be placed as a bet in the future.
Casinos take the law seriously, so to verify your account, technical support may request your passport photo, proof of solvency with a bank statement, or a screenshot with your current balance. They may even ask for a copy of utility bills and a video interview.
If you do everything correctly, then the probability of refusal is minimal since casinos value their reputation and the whole of their business rests on it.
In what cases does the casino refuse to cooperate with the player?
Since all positions are spelled out in the rules, and what you do not understand can be clarified with the technical support, even with the slightest violation of the bonus presentation conditions, you can easily be refused withdrawal of winnings or canceled when trying to withdraw.

How you can lose your prize money:
  • One person has second or more accounts. This applies not only to the use of no deposit bonuses but in general this is the policy of any casino. One user – one account. Attempts to register through anonymizers are also prohibited.
  • Incomplete or rejected verification. If you have not completed full registration with identity verification, then the account with bonuses is blocked forever.
  • You have entered your first and last name information with a typo. Discrepancies in official documents and the completed registration form are a common reason for the refusal.
  • Ignoring the maximum bet. The system does not warn the player about exceeding the bet limit, so you can find out that you have violated the rule only after refusing to withdraw funds. Be sure to find out this indicator and carefully monitor whether you have exceeded the limit in pursuit of wagering.
  • The obstacle can hide not only in the casino's rules but in your payment system. For example, you have a limit on Internet transactions on your card, or banking considered the transfer suspicious and rejected it. Contact the technical support of your payment system in advance and clarify possible restrictions.
  • Your region is not served by this casino, and you have only found this out when you requested a money transfer. In such a case, the account most likely will be blocked and withdrawal canceled.

Exclusive no deposit bonuses

We figured out how they work and what restrictions no deposit bonuses have in general, but what makes them exclusive?
By definition, exclusivity includes uniqueness and limited quantities. That is, this is the kind of bonus that a narrow circle of persons can receive. In addition to some mitigations in the terms of use and withdrawal, the exclusive no deposit bonus differs from the common in receiving method. In total these bonuses are the same advertising option as all other bonuses, but with an emphasis on the uniqueness of players who can get a deposit bonus exclusive for them.
Some non-casino sites offer (through links and promo casino bonus codes) to their subscribers a list of such bonuses, for a regular monthly fee. Example: get an exclusive casino bonus $50 by registering using our link!
Such bonuses can also be received by participants in some game events, for example, tournaments, advertising actions, etc.
When using exclusive bonuses, you must consider all of the above points and carefully read the terms and conditions so as not to get a negative experience and not to lose the money you won.