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About Free Spins

Serious competition among gambling platforms forces the development and implementation of new types of rewards for existing and, most importantly, new visitors. Free spins are one of the most popular casino bonuses, which allow players to spin some of the virtual slots presented on the service, including without making real money.

The opportunity to play a popular game explains its mechanism and makes it possible to experience the gameplay in practice and draw evaluation conclusions for yourself. Free spins are akin to tasting sets offered by various manufacturers in the real world. You can try the product and appreciate its charms, but to get a full serving, you need to fork out.

Incentive and introductory rounds of the game are of several types, each of which will be discussed in more detail in this short article. There will be no specific references to resources here. The material will simply make it clear to readers: how and under what conditions you can get free spins for playing in an online casino.

Here are the main types of such possibilities:
  • new free spins - are credited to players when they first enter the site and only after full or quick registration. The creation of a new account can also be done in an application that is easily installed on a smartphone;
  • additional spins in the form of a bonus game according to the scenario of the slots;
  • use of virtual slots in the demo mode to get acquainted with the game process.

Let's look at these methods in a little more detail.

Receiving free spins as a no-deposit bonus

This type of encouragement, according to many users, is the most effective among others. It is hard to imagine anything more attractive than getting the opportunity to win real money without depositing your own real money. The player gets an excellent chance to increase income without any investments.

But certain things cannot be done without some action. Free spins without deposit replenishment are offered only by well-known, proven, best online casinos. It is important for these gambling establishments to interest new customers, and to show them the potential and functionality of the hosted slots and other gambling games. To do this, beginners are given to spin the slots and take advantage of other bonus accruals, for example, an increase in the form of a percentage to replenish the account.

To get free spins and no deposit bonus you need to:
  • create an account on a gaming platform;
  • go through the verification process of the information provided.

The last step is for the casino to transfer the winnings to the specified details. To confirm the data, you will need to send good-quality photos or scanned copies of identification documents. Bank cards or accounts to which the money won will come should only be personal, personal. Registration also needs to be carried out in your own first and last name and make sure that the spelling is correct.

Each new player has the right to free spins if it is provided for by the current rules of the gambling platform. It will not work to have several accounts at once, since all casinos adhere to the golden rule: each individual can create only one valid account on the service.

An important disadvantage of no deposit bonuses is the extremely strict requirement for some wagering requirements. The casino will provide money or spins of slots without depositing money in a personal account, but to withdraw it from the system and spend, it will be necessary to wager it, again and again, a certain number of times. It can be ten cycles, and thirty, even forty – everything is determined by the casino rules. But those who are lucky enough to follow these algorithms without errors and losses receive real money without investment.

New free spins after depositing your money for the first time

The casino always encourages players to make deposits into the system. Each newly registered user of the platform has the right to receive a double bonus after transferring cash to a personal account for the first time:
  • cash, determined as a percentage of the amount of replenishment;
  • some amount of free spins on several slot models.

To wager the bonus component, 1-2 virtual machines are allocated. Such a scenario allows not only interests players but also popularizes industry novelties, to acquaint users with modern features. Most often, players receive about 30-70 free spins, and they must be used within a certain time. Most often this is about a week: seven to ten days.

Additional bonus games on slots are received not only by players who deposit for the first time. Casinos support several promotions on an ongoing basis. For example, it returns part of the funds in the form of cashback when credited to a deposit on Friday-Saturday, public holidays, and so on.

Gaming Free spins

This option is available in most slots, except for the simplest classic slots, designed for the minimum complication of the scenario. The overwhelming majority of virtual machines on gaming platforms provide their guests with the opportunity to receive free spins during the game.

Usually, special symbols, which are usually called SCATTER, are responsible for dropping out additional chances. By receiving a certain number of such icons on the playing field, gamblers have the opportunity to “pull out” additional prize money in a series of bonus spins. Their number depends on the number of identical symbols that have fallen out, as a rule, for three such icons, from eight to ten spins are given, for four characters - up to fifteen, and so on.

Free spins as learning to play

In this case, we are not talking about the possibility of potential winnings, but about the process of visual practical learning, which gives us a demo mode. Best online casinos always provide an opportunity to try the game without actually making a bet. Many allow you to run a demo version of the game even without registration, which makes the process more accessible and interesting.

To launch free spins in this case, you need to go to the GAMES or SLOTS section, find the list of available games and look for the DEMO or PLAY FOR FREE button next to the name. Of course, it's impossible to win real money this way. But the user will clearly feel all the intricacies of the gameplay, work out the betting strategy and make certain decisions.

We have described all the existing ways to get free spins in modern online casinos. We hope they will bring you the pleasure of playing and the coveted cash prizes.

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