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Are the new slots so exciting and bring more fun?

Every year casinos try to become better and better, update their sites, introduce new bonus systems, and correct old errors. And, of course, they constantly develop new slots as these are the most popular type of gambling.
Increased variety of casino slots new games increases the level of retention of players, because if you are an experienced player, then the old games can start boring over time. A sequel or re-release of an old game, or a completely new and unfamiliar slot, all of this refreshes the feeling of the process and increases the list of favorite and popular games.
In 2020, the largest gambling developers (Net Entertainment, Yggdrasil Gaming, NYX Gaming, Microgaming, Betsoft, Playtech, and IGT) presented about 80 new online slot games. This list includes all types of brand new slots, from classic ones to original and custom new free slots with advanced animations and game mechanics.

What was improved in the new slot games?

  • The ability to change the gaming environment. In general, nowadays a lot of slot games tend more towards bright visuals, a beautiful picture in the game, animations, and music with sound accompaniment. The more dynamic and colorful the process is, the better. Now, between spins, you can even watch a short thematic video story.
  • "Leveling" of your character. It may sound strange about slot games, but for more immersion, some new slots have a plot and backstory, as well as a protagonist who wants to achieve a cherished goal. In the game, it is a combination of unique symbols and winnings that it brings.
  • Additional quests with prizes in the form of free spins. For example, a quest with the gathering of special game items or the drop of a unique combination.
  • Functions that allow you to influence the gameplay, thereby increasing the interactivity of the new online slots.
  • Transition to VR technology. For example, NetEnt's Gonzo's Quest VR or Well of Wonders, a reel-less 3D slot from Thunderkick.
  • Creation of slot machine games inspired by popular films, books, or celebrities. For example, Playtech is interested in the development of such slots, releasing games based on Marvel.
  • Transition to new platforms and software. Players are still unhappy with the fact that the number of slots for mobile versions is not as large as for desktop versions, so the developers have plans to further develop the niche of mobile slots more and more.
  • Do not forget about improving the well-known, conventional slots with three and five reels to optimize their work. For three-reel slots, innovations consist of a separate additional screen, where counters for the accumulation of winnings, mini-games, or additional bonus reels are placed. For five or more reels, free spins, re-spins, Scatter-Wild symbols, various multipliers, and in-game achievements are added.
  • New options to collect combinations and new shapes of winning pay-lines. Previously, winning pay-lines were located only horizontally, but now there are a lot of options for the positions of symbols for winning.
  • If you are tired of all the old slot formats, then you can find new slot games that are radically different from everything that was before. For example, you can play new slots in which there are no reels and lines at all. Or the formation of combinations across the entire field. New slot games have a lot of things to surprise a player.
  • New slot games often have better RTP (the number of winnings that go to the player) and volatility (the degree of risk). The second point depends on your preferences since some players prefer to make small bets, stretching the gameplay, but with the lower amount of the win, and some like to make high bets with the maximum jackpot.

How to choose safe slots that have recently appeared on the market?

Yes, a recently released slot game can look extremely nice and attract players with all sorts of advantages and innovations, and this is generally a good direction for the development of gambling establishments, but there may be pitfalls (like everywhere), and we will talk about them below. Keep in mind that we are not talking about all new slots in total, but about situations in which you need to be vigilant.

Advertising and reviews importance

Firstly, a game that has just appeared will strive to attract maximum attention and get more player coverage through tempting new slots no deposit bonus offers and same kind promotions. This can drag you into the trap of a wager, and instead of rest and entertainment, you will think about how to play the bonus (and withdraw winning) according to the rules in a game that you no longer like.
Secondly, the new online slots do not have a lot of reviews yet, and already existing may be advertising, which means that this game in some sense is a "pig in a poke". Of course, if you choose the best new slots from one of the mentioned above developers, the probability of a low-quality product is minimal, but to avoid unpleasant situations, try to go through free casino slots (demo versions), and then decide whether you are ready to deposit and continue on the paid version.
Most often, sites dedicated to gambling test the released games, check how well the game works, whether there are any problems with the withdrawal of winnings, draw up a summary of the slot with all the parameters necessary for evaluation. However, it's important to choose only independent publishers and testers.
More information about both paid and free slots online can be found on the casino's website. Sometimes you can get an exclusive bonus for playing on a new slot, the main thing is to be in time before the expiration of the promotion.

What can an inattentive player expect and why the legality should be checked?

The danger lies not only in the fact that you will spend money on a highly advertised, but low-quality product but also in the fact that there are one-day fraudulent organizations. There are no questions about the slot game, which has existed for a long time, as this means that the game is of high quality, fair, and still attracts players. But how do you know that the freshly released game will not disappear in a week with your bank?
The new slot games are provided by the casino. If the casino is recently opened, there are no reviews about it, or they are all equally enthusiastic, then you should bypass such an institution and wait a while. There are two options, or your fears will not come true, and the site continues its work for a decent amount of time, or it will disappear, leaving a huge number of disgruntled and deceived players.
Of course, this is not such a frequent event, since the world of gambling is closely watched by the laws of all countries and representatives of jurisdictions, and from here comes the following point:
Check the casino for a license that can be verified on the site of the named casino jurisdiction. Jurisdiction is a country, island, or region, the legislation of which allows to give gaming licenses to entrepreneurs. Competent jurisdictions value their reputation and make sure that the establishments to which their permission has been issued act strictly within the rules. The new slot machines are also being randomly tested regularly by jurisdictions.
It is to the jurisdiction that you will send your request with a complaint about an unscrupulous casino, so keep all correspondence with the casino's support service or any other information in screenshots. Further, your case will be comprehensively studied and if illegal activity is noticed, your funds will be returned. If there is a lot of such requests, the casino will be blocked.
If the license is fake, then it will be extremely difficult to seek legal assistance to return your funds and prove your rights. Another negative side: your personal data is now in the possession of cybercriminals, specifically the name and surname, bank card account, phone number, cookies collected during the game, and everything else that you entered during registration.

Should you believe online casino "hackers" and how to make gaming fun

With the advent of new casino slots, there may also be people who claim to know how to "hack" the system of a new game. Do not trust such statements, since the slots are designed in such a way that the appearance of combinations does not depend on anything at all. Neither the size of the bet, nor the time of day, nor the duration of the game, nor the order of the bets can affect the outcome of the spin.
Moreover, some players believe that if the slot is not popular or was only recently released for public use, and there are few players there, then the winnings will come more often and in a larger amount. This view is likewise erroneous.
Do not choose new mobile slots if you are a fan of the progressive jackpot and the slot you have chosen is still poorly visited. The fewer people, the slower the grand prize accumulates, so there is little point in it.
Besides, more and more software manufacturers are abandoning progressive jackpots, shifting the focus to small personal bonuses, so the player more often gets a win, albeit a small one, but the euphoria from it is enough to continue playing.
Now that you know how to choose the right new slot games and what to expect from them, follow the above tips and your gambling will be enjoyable and fun.