Profitable Las Vegas - three jackpots in July

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Profitable Las Vegas - three jackpots in July

July turned out to be quite a hot month in all senses. The temperature outside the window reached abnormal levels. But it was hot even where air conditioners are installed. So, the popular Las Vegas casino made happy about 3 people who hit the real jackpot. Exactly three jackpots were earned by players in just one month. The life-changing wins changed the lives of the winners forever.

Three jackpots - who are these lucky ones?

Hitting the jackpot in the casino is a real success. Despite the study of strategies and complete immersion in the gambling process, it is not always possible to get a good profit. But three arbitrary players succeeded. July was hot, he gave large sums that allowed their owners to radically change their lives.

Win at the airport

The first jackpot was hit on the popular Wheel of Fortune slot machine. The player received a whopping $1,286,324. Now you can forget about work for a long time, pay off loans and go on a trip around the world. On July 24, the winning combination was received during the Wheel of Fortune Red Hot 7's game at Harry Reed International Airport Terminal 3 in Las Vegas. Just imagine, a person between flights wanted to spend time with excitement. And in just a few tries, he became a millionaire. Incredible luck. The identity of the player is unknown. And this is a normal practice, not all people are ready to trumpet their luck at every corner. And there are not so few intruders who want to get other people's money. The player's identity has been confirmed by airport officials.

Another lucky guy in the terminal

It is noteworthy that within the walls of the international airport - this is not the only gain. Just a week earlier, in the same place, another player also hit the big jackpot. His winnings amounted to $1,300,000. The amount is slightly less than the first, but no less pleasant. The player did not hide his identity. Harry Reid is the name of a full-fledged millionaire who, in just a few attempts, has significantly increased his net worth.

This time, the lucky machine was the Triple Double Emeralds Wheel of Fortune in Terminal 1 of the international airport.

A series of happy events at the airport increased the number of tourists, local residents also rushed to visit the building. Demand for slot machines has increased several times. The number of machines has also increased. Now about 1,400 machines have appeared on the territory of the airport, which are randomly scattered throughout the territory.

Players from all over the world want to try their luck and hit the full jackpot. That's it, just a couple of wins, and the operator of slot machines Airport Slot Concession, Inc. managed to achieve universal recognition and become popular. Last year alone, the operator made a profit of $1 billion and the airport managed to raise $34 million.

Amazing win in Las Vegas

A huge jackpot of $10,488,726 was won at the North Las Vegas casino on the Wheel of Fortune slot machine. In just a few attempts, a local resident managed to get a decent amount that will provide him with a carefree life for many years. The exact details of the player are not known, he calls himself Jesus. The win really changed his life. An ordinary employee came to the casino in order to escape from the accumulated problems, and on the same day he completely changed his financial situation for the better.

Jesus is perhaps the only player who immediately shared his plans for life. He plans to use the resulting winnings to buy a house for his mother. True, this amount will be enough for him not for one, but for several houses at once. You can also buy a car. In any case, you should not worry about your own financial situation.

Let's go back to April

The win was recorded in April, but it is worth mentioning. In the spring, an absolute record was set. In the state of Nevada, the lucky man managed to hit the jackpot in the amount of $ 14,000,000. A standard game at the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa in Reno turned out to be an amazing result.

A moment earlier, a new record was set on IGT slot machines. The winnings amounted to $17,000,000, which is the maximum. It was possible to make a good profit thanks to the games Wheel of Fortune, Powerbucks and Megabucks.

It is noteworthy that any win attracts the attention of the public, and naturally increases the number of tourists. Everyone wants to try their luck and repeat the fate of those who received the jackpot. And this is a completely normal process. Thanks to such situations, people begin to believe in the transparency of the gambling business, and casino operators receive a natural influx of customers.

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