Eye of Horus Slot

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Eye of Horus Slot
Playing this game, you will travel to Ancient Egypt and receive help from the sky god Horus himself. The main god of Egyptian mythology, often depicted as a falcon with a human body, flies over you, and then reels. What remains is an expanding wild that will increase your profits. And his omnipotence really only manifests itself in free games. Eye of Horus slot with its challenging bonus rounds is worthy to try for both beginners and pros.

World of legends of Ancient Egypt

The eye of the god of light Horus originally served as protection in Ancient Egypt and was worn as an amulet. It was worn as a protective symbol from the "evil eye" until the end of the era of the pharaohs. In the new empire, it was used as a decoration for coffins and implements.
These and other legends from the Ancient Egyptian era are still fascinating today, which is why it was embedded in the Horus Slot, creating an exciting online game. In addition to the eye, other symbols appear during the game, which are created in accordance with the theme and exude an Egyptian flavor. Sound skillfully completes the atmosphere.
Players already know that this is a popular topic because even the most famous game in the world is about Ancient Egypt, although Eye of Horus Slot online and Book of Ra are difficult to compare as each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.
We would like to present the game Eye of Horus Slot review in more detail so that even beginners can quickly navigate and benefit from the strategies we offer. Experienced players can also use some of the tips to increase their chances of winning.

Features of the game

Players have the option to use the Horus Slot at home on their desktop device to enjoy the ancient Egyptian flair on the big screen. The game is launched directly in the browser and can be played after a short download time. No special application is required. You can play on the go from your mobile phone, smartphone or tablet. The provider and operating system do not matter. Casino users can play for free online without registration.
Free Eye of Horus Slots can also be used for real money bets. The player's account is opened and bonus offers are accepted in just a few steps. Then the slot opens and you can play with real bets. This means that users leave the possibility of real winnings open. Typically, there are several options for depositing, making it quick and easy.

The composition of the slot machine

The Horus Slot is equipped with five reels that display three rows on the screen. You can set up to ten paylines if you wish. When all lines are selected, the chances of winning are the highest, because this gives the most opportunities. Some experienced gamblers use fewer paylines and set higher bets on them, which means the odds of winning are not so good, but there are more winnings if they come up.
Since there are many ways to win, even while playing on a small budget you can play for a long time to provide a chance for big wins, which are mostly possible by earning free spins. Even for high rollers it works well, as high multipliers of individual symbols mean that large sums of money can be won in a few numbers.

A little about the rules

Before the reels of the slot machine are set in motion, the size of the bet per spin is determined. You can choose from 0.10 cents to 2 euros per line. Free online Eye of Horus provides virtual money for this purpose.
The winnings are credited to the client's account if, after one spin, at least three identical symbols appear on the screen. They must be made into a winning combination. They start from the first left roller and appear on the right side of the rollers without interruption.
The amount of the win in the Horus Slot depends on the type of symbol and the number of identical symbols. If multiple paylines are displayed with combinations, the amounts are added up and the winning is credited to the player's account.
Possibilities for setting up a slot machine:
  • Autoplay: Using the "Auto" button in the Eye of Horus Slot free machine, you can set the automatic spin of the reels. This means that each spin does not need to be triggered by pressing the spin button again. You can set from five to 99 automatic turns and start automatic free play.
  • Game function: with this function on, players have the opportunity to wager the profit in the bonus game. If the user chooses not a win, but a card symbol, several hands appear. Then you can choose between red and black. If the card of the selected color is revealed, the bet is doubled. If the player made a mistake in his choice, the amount will be lost. This function can be used multiple times, which means that even a small amount can be significantly increased. 
  • Ladder of Risk: According to the online casino reviews he famous Ladder of Risk is also present in the Horus Slot. Gamers have the opportunity to use the won amount as a bet to increase it. Randomly, the player can go up or down the stairs with an increasing number. 

Play for real money

Eye of Horus is pure gambling. In bonus games, winnings are paid out randomly. Therefore, first you need to try out these features in the free game. The free game allows you to gain experience without investing money. If you want to try your luck with real money, take advantage of one of the best online casinos. They provide a variety of first deposit bonus offers, which means that gamers reap a double benefit.
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