Casino welcome bonus

Casino welcome bonus
Everybody knows that Casino— is the unique chance to get rich without skills, by using the force of luck. However, all casinos have the advantages of players, by their percent of wins. Nevertheless, to level the odds, and do the gambling with much lower risk, players can use the casino welcome bonus. 
The Bonus, which is called welcome, is not only available for players. For today, by huge concurrency, all gambling places use a lot of loyalty programs, which get for you much more Free spins, or additional money on deposit. 
Here you can find a lot of information аbout:
  1. Types of Gifts.
  2. Wagering requirements, and limits.
  3. Full instruction on how to get the award from the chosen casino with low risks and good conditions.
  4. Some additional information, which the player can use to level the odds with the gaming house.
And a lot of useful information for regular gamblers.

Type of bonuses

Huge concurrency — is their main engine of progress in the betting sphere. That’s why all facilities try to make it more comfortable for their players. The logic of additional prize is simple — the more bonuses a gambler has, the more cash it puts on the betting slots. The more currency is on slots, the more profit for the facility! The Best online casino gives for players not only welcome bonus, but many others, for all situations!
That’s why for today, there’re a lot of special offers, which gamblers can use for their profit on the Betting, like:
  1. Welcome.
  2. Reload.
  3. Tournament.
  4. Loyalty.
And some special offers from specific casinos.  

Welcome bonus

Welcome bonus — is the most famous and popular from every spin casino. This is extra cash money and free spins on your account balance, when you do your first refill on that place. Usually it gets you for about 100% or 200%, from your first refill of the balance.
To get the full information of the Get welcome casino bonus, for the concrete place, you should get the information on the site of the facility where you want to play.

Reload Bonus

Reload — is the next type of offer, which is less popular than the casino usual welcome bonus. The most important reason why this type of offer gets much less popularity — is the amount of currency and free spins, which the player gets from this reload.
To get Extra cash and free spins gamblers should lose all money from the first deposit, or do the withdrawal, and do the reload refill of depo on his account. 
This type of offer has some limits. The amount of additional cash is for about 50-100% of depo, but it can’t get the amount more than 1000 or 2000$, the amount of this offer depends on online casino conditions to get the welcome bonus.
So, to get the full terms, you should visit the chosen facility and get a consultation with your manager.

Tournament bonus

Many facility places hold tournaments for the regular players, which spend a lot of money on their best casino using a welcome bonus. The prize of those tournaments are usually currency, which can withdraw the top gambler of the tournament.
The prizes of these tournaments — are really huge, and can be measured for a thousand dollars or more. Nevertheless, the main prize with real currency can withdraw only the top 1 player. All of the others get some specific offers with new free-spins, and extra cash, which they must spend with leverage on the facility.
The main advantage of these special offers from the best casino regular welcome offers, are their regularity. Usual this reward, gamblers can get at once, but the tournaments are usually held every week, or often.

Loyalty casino bonus

This type of special offers are usually much more profitable than the familiar top casino welcome bonus, and much bigger, cause this special currency you can get only if you fill all the personal data correctly.
Usually the facility places give it to you only if you are loyal to them. So you should do regular withdrawal and refill your account balance for a long time. But your reward will be about 1000% or more percent of your depo. Also it can be no depo offer for you, if you play on their slots with bad luck.
Also, terms and requirements to withdraw this type of big online casino welcome bonus much more profitable than usual.


Any Bonus casinos, including the welcome offer or any the best suppliers, aren’t panacea for players. The main trick, which can catch you, and make your gambling experience much worse is the terms of the withdrawal.
Usually, where the gambler takes the welcome bonus from the new casino, it doesn't read the terms of withdrawal and use of these rewards. And using this trick, the facility can block your withdrawal supply, until you will do all the requirements from the offer.
Usually to play with additional money on the slots, you should remember about some of these things:
  1. Your reward has a time limit. If you fail to spend all the extra money, they’re burned.
  2. Some mobile casino which gives your extra welcome bonus or something else, can use the wagering requirements to play with the extra money.
  3. Sometimes you should play at approved slots or games, if you want to withdraw extra-cash.
  4. Some of the extra money can be withdrawn only with a limit. Usually it works with no depo offers for regular gamblers.
For more information that is concrete please read the terms of chosen casino on their official site. If you have problems, please contact the manager to get the conclusion of your situation.

Time limits

The first trouble, which can catch the player if him wants to use the welcome extra cash or free spins, Is time limits. 
For usual, they're limited for 1 week from the first refill of the account. In addition, if the gambler will not play all the extra spins, they’re fully burned. 
Some facility places burn not bonuses, but real money, if players do not play until this week. This is not regular practice, but to be sure of this, please read terms and conditions of the chosen casino, before you will refill your account.

Wagering requirements

The next big trouble, which can defeat most of the players — is the wagering requirements. Then the facility gives you a really huge offer, with a real good cash, you should remember about 2 big things.
At first — leverage of your spins. To play it, you should work only with a huge leverage, which usually increases the risk of playing. So if the gambler have no specific strategy, which can decrease risks with leverage playing, he shouldn’t took the offers from the casino, cause increasing risks from the gambling, can be a main reason for failure in slots. The standard coefficient for the playing on most gaming houses are 1:40. That means, if you get the 100$ extra cash on your wallet, you should win more than 4000$ by this additional cash, and then, the reward will go to the real score on the account.
The second thing that gamblers should keep in mind before they use the bonuses from the facility place — is there additional wagering requirements. What does it mean? It is simple — they're work only at the specific slot machines, which have a much lower percentage of wins.
It is not a big problem, but before you will do your withdrawal, please remember that until extra-money stays on your score, you can’t do any withdrawal. That is why sometimes it is much easier to work without any additional cash, than with them.

How to get the bonus from online casino

The main question — is how to get all the bonuses from the chosen casino. The answer is simple:
  1. Watch promo materials and referral programs on chosen casinos. Sometimes they put the welcome or some additional offers there.
  2. Watch all terms and conditions, usually there you can find some secret offers.
  3. Register your account on the chosen place. Please be sure about this is your first account on that facility.
  4. Fill all the personal information correctly.
And get the bonus with the first refill of your account at the casino. If you need no depo cash, you can search it on your email, or sms archive, with special promo-codes.

How to do withdrawal

When you want to withdraw your extra cash, please be sure you do all the requirements of playing with reward. Then please assume about your extra money, which was played as a bonus, now on your main wallet, and when you do your supply for the withdrawal.
Sometimes, if this offer was as welcome, the security service can ask you about additional information for the verification. It is needed for the AML practice in the current situation with money laundering.
That’s why the first withdrawal can be prolonged for a huge time, more than 1 week. The main recommendation — don’t play in the gaming house, until you get your withdrawal on your bank account.


So, that you should to remember at the conclusion about the top casino welcome or other bonuses?
At first, don’t do any multiple accounts to get more welcome casino bonuses from the chosen facility place. Why? Because if they catch you with this deal, they will ban you, freeze all your money, and will terminate your access for their spins and slots.
Second, don’t forget about the loyalty bonuses that exclusive casino give you as personal offers. They are usually much more interesting than the habitual welcome offers.
And at finish, remember about requirements for withdrawal, when you play with extra cash or free-spins. There’re usual simple to keep it all in mind:
  1. Time limit is usually about 1 week.
  2. Wagering requirements is usual leverage from 1:30 to 1:40.
  3. Their work on every type of facility. From the live Casino which gives you an extra welcome bonus, to the poker room or everything else. But the requirements to withdraw depend on the type of game.
At last, but not at least. It’s not depend on playing with special offers, or working only with real currency, you shouldn’t forget about risk-management, strategy of playing, and don’t be a venturesome player, if you want to earn money, not lose.
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