New government white paper on gambling

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New government white paper on gambling

The UK government has created a "White Paper" that includes gambling. What it is, and why it was developed, we analyze below. So, in the UK, a new reform regarding gambling was created. The government decided that in the modern world, paying attention to the gambling business is not only necessary, but also important. Gambling reform was developed in the digital age, and demonstrated to the public for the first time. What does it say, and what rules will now apply to the online casino industry?

White paper of the gambling industry

 The white paper reform focuses exclusively on the online industry. It presents updates relating exclusively to the digital age. As you know, in the UK, online casino activities are fully licensed. This is not prohibited by the state. But to control the work of the casino, a special reform was created, as well as legislative acts.

What does the new reform offer:

• Expansion of powers of the Gambling Commission.

• Introduction of new betting limits.

• Implementation of an updated protection system.

• Implementation of new rules.

• Implementation of availability checks for requirements and rates.

Additionally, the government wants to work on the age of the players, and depending on the age group, to control the size of the bets. This is optimal, especially if children get access to online casinos. This approach will minimize any risks.

There are really a lot of amendments, but even after the release of the reform, it will be adjusted for some time. It is possible that small details and precisions will be introduced. It all depends on the full study and comments of experts.

Implementation of new rules

 New rules will be introduced for betting on online slots. And this is also what the new reform says. Now, an updated limit will be introduced on many bets. So, the maximum bet will vary between 2-15 pounds. Why did they do it? This measure will help prevent serious losses if the player gets too carried away. The level of excitement is different for everyone, controlled bets will help you avoid losing. Finally, thanks to this approach, it can not only level the playing field between the online sector and the land-based sector.

Particular attention is paid to low limits. They will be introduced for an audience aged 18-24. This will allow "fragile" minds to play in a dosed manner and not fall into serious financial difficulties. According to studies, young people at this age are more at risk of developing gambling problems.

Maximum bets in slot machines will significantly reduce the income from slot machines. Online slots are currently the UK's highest earning game, with spin rates ranging from pennies to £500 per spin.


How will this affect the gambling business?

 According to experts, the introduction of new rules may somewhat reduce the demand for gambling. This direction will lose its attractiveness. In practice, any new rules eventually become commonplace. There remains a high probability that many large operators will simply leave the market. There are really a lot of assumptions, how it will actually be, only time will tell.

For some period, operators in the UK will significantly lose in earnings, this is a fact. This is due to the need to undergo reorientation, which of course is accompanied by a reduction in the cost of attracting new players or marketing.

Free bets, free spins, risk free terminology and wagering requirements. The UKGC will now continue to work on reviewing the design and targeting of incentives such as free bets and bonuses to ensure that there are clear rules and fair limits on re-bet requirements and timing so that they do not encourage excessive or harmful gambling. The Commission will consult on proposed new control measures.

New rules apply to bonuses, free bets and restrictions. This section of the White Paper is of particular interest. The government has changed some of the wagering requirements, game development scenario and other areas. This approach will allow you to control the gambling process and reduce the reward for excessive gambling. What does it mean? Now the number of additional bonuses and winnings, the purpose of which is to provoke the player, will be reduced in games.

The white paper is a fair reform that is more focused on users than game developers.

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