Montezuma Slot: Discovering the Specifics

Montezuma Slot: Discovering the Specifics
Feel the rage of legendary Aztek warrior Montezuma! Get some coins from his treasury or give him all the money you have. No, that's not the plot of a historical drama. It is the Montezuma slot you are welcome to experience thanks to WMS! The theme dedicated to the tribes that lived in ancient times in different parts of our planet is quite popular among the manufacturers of gambling entertainment. However, the most popular are the games, the plot of which is dedicated to the ancient Azteks. The creators of the monitored emulator were guided by this. 
Montezuma online slot is a 5-reel slot from WMS Gaming, which is dedicated to a talented warrior named Montezuma, who in his time was the leader of the legendary Aztec tribe, whose representatives often settled in jungles that were impenetrable for enemies. In the Montezuma slot, players are given the chance to play on a fixed number of active lines of 30, with a range of bets from 0.01 to 60 per spin.
Even playing the slot Montezuma for gratis will bring you lots of emotions. No need to say that making real-money bets is even more challenging. Yet, let's discover it step by step while playing Montezuma slot or reading the review. 

Who Are the Providers of Montezuma Megaways Slot?

This challenging game of chance belongs to WMS Gaming the company that is also known as Williams Interactive. It had developed casino software for 100+ online casinos and we can claim that Montezuma megaways is a slot that is considered to be among its bestsellers.

The Design of the Slot and Its Features

The very theme of¬†the Montezuma slot is connected with the Age of Discovery and the flourishing of the civilization of the ancient Aztecs. They were credited with fabulous wealth, a huge amount of gold and silver. Not the worst option for a slot theme, right? The design itself is fully consistent with the theme. The choice of colors, the style of graphics are very reminiscent of the South American atmosphere.¬†During the game,¬†an impenetrable jungle is shown in the background, from which the sounds of mysterious birds can be heard throughout the game. The interface of the machine is made in the favorite color of the Aztecs - golden. To start the reels, special buttons are used, which are located on the functional panel at the bottom of the¬†Montezuma¬†slot. Most of the game symbols are somehow connected with the theme of ancient South America: these are numerous representatives of the fauna, and the beautiful Indian woman, the golden mask, and of course the culprit of the game himself ‚ÄĒ¬†legendary¬†Montezuma. Getting winning combinations¬†in the Montezuma slot¬†is accompanied by symbol animation. An abundance of animation is observed in the¬†Montezuma slot bonus mode,¬†a game where with the help of arrows and wheels of fortune, the player receives new advantages in each rotation.


The Gaming Process for Montezuma Megaways

First of all, you can choose whether to play immediately for real money or try Montezuma's free play mode. It is available to play for credits, but, of course, you cannot withdraw your winnings. For beginners, we recommend that you practice on the Montezuma slot free demo to find out the features of the gameplay. And they are present in this slot machine too.
  • You don't have to choose the number of active lines. It is always 30, so there are¬†no choices for it.
  • The bets in the game can be selected from 0.01 coins to 2 coins. As a result, you can bet from 0.3 to 60 dollars per spin. To increase or decrease the bet, just click on + or - respectively in the betting¬†field.
  • Originally implemented graphics for winning combinations¬†are splendid. So, as soon as the symbols add up to a winning combination, they begin to approach the screen, creating a virtual reality effect.
  • In addition to standard symbols, Montezuma free slot also has wild symbols, they can appear unexpectedly and replace one of the standard symbols to make a winning combination.
Unfortunately, we did not find the exact info about Montezuma megaways RTP but it is definitely not below average.
  • You may also like the autoplay mode. It can be launched for a certain number of spins as you wish. It is especially convenient to use it if you decide to play¬†the Montezuma slot¬†for¬†free.
To sum it up, Montezuma is a great slot, atmospheric and mesmerizing. It has great graphics and a very user-friendly game interface. You can enjoy the soundtrack or turn it off at will, but overall the sound is very good. The gameplay itself is very simple, so the Montezuma free slot format can be recommended to beginner players for training. Fans of myths about the Aztecs, lovers of South American flavor, and just connoisseurs of quality online gambling will definitely like it.
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