NetEnt Slots: Why Are They So Popular Today?

NetEnt Slots: Why Are They So Popular Today?
When talking about e-gaming industry providers, who comes to your mind first? We are more than sure that NetEnt slots will be listed among the most popular ones. And this is not surprising. It is NetEnt that is considered a trendsetter in the entire online casino industry, and the games of this provider are available from all major operators without exception. Moreover, this is a company that literally conquered the whole world, and its representative offices are in many countries.
We decided to tell you a little about why each NetEnt slot is so interesting, reveal a couple of interesting facts about the gaming software developer, and also present you with our rating of the company's best products. Let's dwell on each outstanding NetEnt slot in our review.

A Light Overview on NetEnt Gaming Provider

The year NetEnt was founded is far back in 1996. It was then that the first video games from this developer saw the light of day. Since then, the company has grown, and today the number of employees is several thousand people. The company's focus, of course, is on NetEnt slots. And it is thanks to NetEnt that we can enjoy the brightest, most spectacular, and most fascinating games. The company places great emphasis on graphics. Innovative graphic design methods, selection of topics that are of interest to thousands of players, bright and expressive videos - this is what the provider attracts customers who want to play NetEnt slot even for free, without the need to win a big jackpot.

The Most Popular NetEnt Slots in 2022

Let's now talk about top NetEnt games. By 2022, the company has already released a lot of products, including the legendary slots Street Fighter II, Jumanji, and many others. Which NetEnt free slot games should beginners play in order to understand why the whole world loves this provider and is looking forward to its releases?
  • The cult Aliens slot refers to the movie series by XX Century Fox that is co-developer for this slot. Despite the fact that this game was released back in 2014, it still does not lose its attractiveness in the eyes of the players. What's more, as prequel movies are released, this slot NetEnt had offered almost 10 years ago is gaining popularity again.
  • Starburst is another slot that has become a classic. And in 2012, when it first entered the market, it could be called a failure. But over time, users appreciated the simple but attractive game mechanics. To a large extent, this was facilitated by the popularity of gem games integrated into social networks. After all, the principle of action in Starburst is exactly the same. So if you're looking for a free slot by NetEnt for fun, we definitely recommend trying this one.
  • South Park is another slot inspired by cult movies, or rather animation. Everyone is familiar with the animated series about 4 friends, saturated with black humor and recognizable social phenomena. And in the NetEnt slot game format, it has become even more interesting. Give it a try if you're as big a fan of Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny as we are.
  • Kings of Chicago is one of those NetEnt slots that can be recommended to both beginners and experienced players. Its feature is not only in an interesting design. This is one of the first slots that combines the functionality of video slots and the principles of poker. That is, an unforgettable mix of a card game and a slot machine - this is the Kings of Chicago. It also has an outstanding RTP. By the standards of modern online casinos, it is simply incredibly generous - as much as 97.8%.
  • Mega Joker is a true classic. And among the games of completely different types, we could not ignore the classic slots from NetEnt. In addition to fairly simple gameplay, it has a maximum RTP of 99%, and it is also a progressive jackpot slot, that is, it is even more attractive for gamblers.
Of course, our rating cannot claim to be the only possible opinion. Each of the experienced players probably has his own shortlist of NetEnt slots. But if you're not already familiar with each of these five products, it's time to give it a try! Moreover, for each NetEnt slot, a free mode is allowed by the provider. To evaluate the functionality of each of these blockbusters, just a free play in the NetEnt slot is enough. And only then you can decide for yourself whether to bet real money in these games. In any case, if a slot is released by NetEnt, this is already an indicator of the highest quality, honesty, and its user-friendly origin.
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