How to Win a Lottery? Superstitions and Omens in the Game

How to Win a Lottery? Superstitions and Omens in the Game
A lottery has always had its own place among other gambling games. And there are some reasons for it. First of all, a lottery is a proven way to motivate people to do something good. Both organizers and winners can donate money to different funds. There are also different charity lotteries as well. Second of all, a lottery is a game that can сan change lives. And finally, it’s a great way to have fun.
Despite it being a total random thing, some people have superstitions that are supposed to help in winning the lottery. There are some really wildest and weirdest rituals. For example, buying tickets on special days, prayers for victory, good luck amulets, incantations for the rising moon. One want to influence what one can’t.
But there are some harmful superstitions, that are quite common. They are

The color of the clothes has different meaning in different countries. Red is considered the color of luck and prosperity in India. In China people think red will certainly scare away evil spirits and failure. But the farther away from the East, the more the scales are leaning in favor of dark clothes. It’s also a bad luck to put on new clothes as it is not impregnated with the aura of a man. You can also put a coin into a shoe. Money draws money. And gamblers usually have a lucky t-shirt or another piece of clothing.

Place and time of purchase
The "enlightened" people advise to buy lottery tickets in verified places where the winning ones have already been sold. Entering such a store, for example, must be from the left foot, to pick up a ticket only from the right hand. Don’t have a lucky shop? Think about online gambling. Yes, it’s online but the money is very real. Accidentally offered a ticket for change? Accidents are not accidental. Take it. By the way, many dream-books say that winning the lottery in a dream is for luck. So pay attention to these signs, too.

Some believe that people can bring luck too. Not all people, but some. So, if you want to win, then put the ticket to the stomach of a pregnant woman, and at your friend’s wedding ask the bride about her favorite numbers.

Astrology and Numbers
Numbers also play an important part in your strategy to win. Take a look at your horoscope and the figures surrounding you. They are date of birth or wedding, phone number, age of your favorite child and so on. They are the thing that make you one step closer to the winning.
All the methods above look more like a not-funny joke than a really, 100% working way to win a lottery.  But there are a lot of people who truly believe these kind of things, although we prefer more useful advice like
  • know when to stop;
  • don’t bet the last money;
and, of course,
  • lottery brings fun, not money, so just have fun playing it.
But the choice is up to you. There are both supporters and non-supporters of these superstitions.
And yes, be careful, winners do not often claim their prize because they just don’t check the results.
Remember, any winning strategy in the lottery starts with buying tickets. Good luck to you all!


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