To play or not to play — new online casino

To play or not to play — new online casino
The facility sphere — is the most progressive industry in the World. Every day, owners and providers create new places, with the new technologies. New games, new opportunities and possibilities. This is only a small part of the features in the new online casino.
Everyday, new owners of the licensed software create the best new online casino sites, which get more rewards, more free-spins, and more odds for the regular player. But this is only one side of the coin. To know about all catches, let’s read this article, where you can find information аbout:
  1. Where are the best new online sites for casino.
  2. How to check a new facility for swindlers and tricksters.
  3. How to save your personal data, if you want to play not by instant games.
  4. How to win big prizes in every casino.
And you’ll know which online casino bonus has the biggest in the industry.

How to check casino

Most of the new facility places are too suspicious and try to steal your money. Therefore, until you search the best new online casino sites, you will find a lot of scammers and tricksters. To defeat them and catch them, you should know the main characteristics of these suspicious places. The tricksters are not so clever, and always get the mistakes by the legend or any else. That is why it is really simple to expose them. 
  1. The establishment date.
  2. The reviews from the popular facility aggregators.
  3. The private opinions from the specialized resources.
  4. The mistakes on the legend.
  5. The license for all software.
  6. The nuances of the terms and conditions.
  7. The interface of the casino.
In addition, many other small mistakes can expose the scammer fast and easy.

Establishment date

The main mistake, what are always suspicious facilities— is their establishment date. To get more trust, they are always says, about what they created a long time ago, when dinosaurs were alive.
Nevertheless, as sad truth — most of them were created yesterday, or the day before yesterday. So what do you need to expose them?
  1. Find the establishment date of the chosen facilities. It is usually placed on the footer of the site.
  2. Use the power of web-archive, and watch for the date of domain registration.
  3. Compare this data.
  4. Ask in the support service about the mistake of the establishment data.
  5. Get the answer, that is they use a lot of mirrors, cause try to hide from the Loan policy.
  6. With this answer, close the site.
And never play there again. It’s really simple. If owners of the site try to hide their real establishment date, they’re with a huge chance are tricksters, because not many casinos, with fair terms, hide their real establishment.


The next thing is very important not only for suspicious, tricksters or scam casino platforms. The aggregators of opinion is the best way to learn much more information about industry at all.

By these sites, if you’re trust them you can find next useful information:
  1. The list of the scam facilities.
  2. The list of the fair new online casinos with instant playing.
  3. The main catches for the most casinos.
  4. All ways to defeat all verification, without freezing account balance.
  5. How to use all promotion bonuses at once, and multiple additional rewards.
  6. Which soft is rigged.
And also you can find a lot of specific strategies for all licensed software. You’ll learn tactics, opinions, news and all required for professional gambler information.
Took this as the rule — always check new gambling platforms on the aggregators, before you start playing. With big chances you’ll find useful information from the other players, which are already playing there. They can say you — is that new casino fair or scam.

License of software

This is the main way, how you can check your chosen facility place as for the suspicion. Most of the best new casino sites — already bought the top licensed software. 
And all licensed software is always put in the special register, which is placed on the developers. That’s why you can ask about licensed software from the provider, which are features for your gambling services, and compare this information from the developers.
As usual, suspicious scammers can’t buy any licensed software, and can’t mimic the license. They’re using the same cracked soft. So how can you find the scammer from a fair new online casino? It’s simple — check the assortment of slots, and compare it with free licenses. If you’ll find any mistakes or rigged software, you shouldn’t play at the new facility that has been found on the web.

Terms and conditions

Always, before you start playing in the online casino, you should find and read all terms and conditions about the place where you want to place your money. If you can’t find ant terms or conditions — don’t play there, because with the huge chance — this site is a scammer.
If you can find the terms and conditions, learn all points, and if you see suspicious paragraphs, ask about them on the support service from the chosen facility.
If support can’t answer your question — this is a scam. In addition, even if you disagree with paragraphs, which are described on the terms and conditions for the chosen gambling platform, please don’t play there, because this is a huge risk.

The main catches

If you’re not familiar with casinos, and you think that this is a scam, you shouldn’t play there. But if you risk getting a big reward from the suspicious place, you should adhere to safety precautions.
First, try to check the license of the facility, or for the software that is used here.
Secondly, don’t refill your balance due to the huge costs. Try to work with low cash, and check the balance of each slot.
Thirdly, check the games with a live dealer, if you can win there, with the huge odds the casino is the fair.
As the next step, try to not leave your personal data, and do all paying only by safe methods. The best way to refill your account in the suspected gambling place — is using google or apple pay with the secure by ssl cryptography.
You should never refill your casino balance, by the cryptocurrencies.
If you ever play here, you should know, what scammers are not clever, and as usual, they use the standard ways how to steal your money:
  1. They used the rigged software, which was programmed to burn all your money. You can check this, if you try to work on the demo account, and compare odds with the real money playing.
  2. They try to steal your personal data, and they sell it to the fishers and other scammers.
  3. They blocked your account already, when you win, and try to withdraw.
  4. They freeze your money, and do many verification tests to ban you.
  5. The suspicious places try to trick you for the leverage by the additional bonus.
When they give you additional bonuses with the huge leverage requirements, they’re already blocking all your opportunities to withdraw, until you will pay all the bonuses. And because of their requirements and huge leverage, you’ll lose all your money with a big chance.
So be careful, do not play in suspicious places, and always read all reviews, which you can find on the internet about all the newest casino games online.

Advantages to search new facilities

Why do players always look for new facility places on the internet? The answers to this question are hidden by the rivalry. The gambling industry is very tight, that’s why in the competition of the fight, they try to provide for players as many features as possible. For example, only at the new mobile sites casino you’ll get:
  1. The bigger welcome bonus, if compared to the older sites.
  2. The most popular slots with the expensive licenses.
  3. The fair balance of all gambling games, which is provided in the site.
  4. The best support ever.
  5. The biggest prizes in the industry.
By the well-balanced gambling machines, the new casino can give you bigger rewards, and a lot of free slots. But the amount of additional rewards depends not only on the establishment date of the casino open, but by the competition.
And also, they’re not working so hard with the AML policy, that’s why you can withdraw more cash from the facility.
But wherever you play, you should be careful, and if you saw, that the rewards are too high for this type of gambling, you must check the new mobile casino sites for the scam. How to check them, you can know by the text of the article, which is placed before.


The new online gambling Casino — is a real good way to check your luck and earn a lot of money. But you must watch out all the time. Cause, the most of the newbies on the gambling market are scammers.
You can watch all the list of the new casinos with the approved license and don’t rigged software, on right here. In any case, the new facility — is a new opportunity. If you work at gambling with care and use the force of your brains, you decrease your risks, and increase your winnings.
And don’t forget to read the articles and reviews from the aggregators of the opinions on the internet. There you can find the best new online casino sites with the best offers for the new players.
Now you know how to expose scammers and tricksters. And when you find a new fair online casino with a good assortment of slots and real prizes, you’ll be rewarded for your searches by good winnings, and will continue to earn your money on the gambling!
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