What is the Book of Ra online slot machine?

What is the Book of Ra online slot machine?
To understand how a modern online the Book of Ra slot machine works, let's take a look at the history of the popularity of its predecessor, the so-called "one-armed bandit."
The principle of the game is simple: you place a bet into the slot machine, it spins the reel, and randomly gives you a combination of symbols. Maximum luck – if you have three identical symbols, for example, three company logos or three bells.
Slot machines are one of the most popular types of gambling to this day. Due to the simplicity of their rules, they have firmly entered popular culture, not only borrowing ideas for design or names from it but also creating the very image of the "wheel of fortune."
Gradually, the mechanics were replaced by video slots, in which there was a screen instead of spinning reels, and the motherboard was responsible for the algorithm for the combination on the screen. Thanks to this, it became possible to introduce a bonus system, where, when a certain combination was dropped, an additional field for the bonus game was activated.
And finally, in 1995, the first online casino appeared, and it has the first online slot machine, developed by the manufacturer of casino software Microgaming. Now the online slot machine including the Book of Ra online can be seen on almost all gambling sites.

What type of slot game is Book of Ra?

The slot machine Book of Ra can be classified into several types at once:
Video slots. Such type of game of chance tries to replicate the visual appearance of their offline relative, but with the number of reels increased to five or more, while the number of pay-lines may exceed a thousand. Now it is the most common type of casino slot game.
  • Bonus slots. Everything is clear here, as these online machines allow you to receive a bonus game.
  • Free online demo slots that allow the player to practice without worrying about winning to interest them in the further game on real money. Some casinos offer such a service.
  • Mobile online slots. Some versions of the Book of Ra slot machines also support mobile devices.

Probability and random numbers in slot games

All casinos work on the principle of random numbers, so no one knows in advance what combination of cards will fall out, how the dice will turn or what signs will create the line in the slot machine.
In offline gambling games, the cards, dice, or reel serve as a random number generator, but what about the online casino slots?
Every time you press a button, the computer processes a huge amount of numbers and gives you a random combination, where there is no pattern and this process cannot be predicted or calculated. The next combination does not depend in any way on the previous one and does not depend on the time you play.
The probability of falling out of a required symbol directly depends on its number in the game and the total number of symbols. For example, there are ten symbols, and the required comes across once in a hundred spins. Thus, the probability of coincidence of three required symbols in a row is one million, and therefore, the more unique the symbol, the higher the payoff from the match.
The most expensive symbol for the Book of Ra is the "Archaeologist," and the most valuable in terms of bonuses is the "Book."

How does winning counting work?

If things are so unpredictable, how have all the casinos in the world not gone broke? There are two options:
  • 1.     The difference in the odds of winning and the probability of a combination. Let's say that a symbol in the game occurs 50% of the time. This means that the probability of a combination of three of these is 0.5 * 0.5 * 0.5 = 0.125, or one-eighth. In one of eight cases, you will receive a combination for which the casino will pay you a double bet, so as a result, you have back a quarter of all the money spent in eight spins, the casino has other three-quarters of your money.
  • 2.     RTP. It is the percentage of return to the player from the winnings, so, if the RTP is 95%, then the casino takes 5% for itself.
The Book of Ra works on the principle of RTP (Return to player), which is a more player-friendly system. Also, it is one of the most popular free slots, where a gambler can practice his playing skills without losing real money. 

Detailed characteristics and description of the game

The Book of Ra originally appeared in America as a slot machine over 50 years ago, where it was popular, and over time moved to a new format: online.
The Book of Ra has ten pay-lines, bonus spins, and a payout percentage over 92% and is one of the most popular slot games, as it is represented in 70% of casinos, regularly updated since 2005, after the release of the famous game provider Novomatic. The lifetime of a game confirms its popularity on the market. Also, not so long ago, the Book of Ra with free play and 6 slots was released, which features an additional reel.
The maximum bet at a single play in the Book of Ra: 450 coins, minimum: 1 coin. There is no progressive jackpot.

The Book of Ra design and style, gameplay features

In addition to game mechanics and statistics, slot games must adhere to the concept in all their elements to attract and retain players and the nice visual part is the key to success here.
Since its inception, the game maintains the atmosphere of ancient Egypt, the secrets of the pyramids, and even has its plot, in which the adventurer is in search of the book of the God Ra. The design of the environment and symbols on the reels are completely tied to Egyptian mythology, and the Book of Ra symbol serves as a wild scatter (combining their properties).
  • Like a wild: The Book replaces any other character in the row to form a combination.
  • Like a scatter: When three or more Books appear on the field, the player receives ten free spins.
In the beginning, the game allows you to choose a row, and with each row selected the rate increases. It is possible to distribute bets by rows or put everything on one.
The seniority of the symbols in the Book of Ra and the Book of Ra Deluxe:
  • Archaeologist (x2-10, x3-100, x4-1000, x5-5000)
  • Pharaoh (x2-5, x3-40, x4-400, x5-2000)
  • Scarab (x2-5, x3-30, x4-100, x5-750)
  • Winged Isis (x2-5, x3-30, x4-100, x5-750)
  • Book of Ra (x3-2, x4-20, x5-200)
  • Ace (x3-5, x4-40, x5-150)
  • King (x3-5, x4-40, x5-150)
  • Queen (x3-5, x4-25, x5-100)
  • Jack (x3-5, x4-25, x5-100)
  • Ten (x3-5, x4-25, x5-100)
The number symbols and winning points for the combination are indicated in brackets.
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