Fat rabbit slot — new word of facilities

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Fat rabbit slot — new word of facilities
Everyday, developers of gambling sphere creates new games for the legit facilities. And one of the most popular are not the slots with the “elite design”, cause they're really annoying the gamers. That’s why the most popular game in the current age — is the fat rabbit slot.
Why? It’s simple to explain this:
  1.   1. This game is very attractive.
  2.   2. It’s a bit weird, but real fun.
  3.   3. It has non-standard ways to earn money.
  4.   4. It has huge chances to get back all your money, which was put through the game.
  5.   5. It has good prizes and rewards.
And also, when you try the fat rabbit slot, you’ll can’t get back to the “standard-elite-slots with the mega-epic plot”. If you’re not sure about this, you should try to play fat rabbit slot at once.

Farm and spin… repeat

So about the interface of this game. When you play fat rabbit slot — you can find a lot of ways to win a huge prize. At first it has 5 reels with 5 rows, which in summary get you more than 50 lines to play. 
All of the images are created with the special “wooden” details, which are sent to the real farm, where you can’t find any metal or urban details.
The base odds are about 1$,and by the 50 lines, you can put in about 50$ for each spin. This is a risky strategy, but if you’re lucky you can get huge rewards, when you play a real fat rabbit slot machine.

What about rewards

This is a real experimental slot — which gives you an extraordinary reward. As for long statistics, the slot will give you back for about 94.5% of spend money, this means that you have an infinite amount of tries to get your extra jackpot. Of course The real rewards are limited to the x20 from the current odds on the slot fat rabbit.
But with good chances to get back all your money, this is the lowest risk slot that you have ever seen before. By these advantages, you can play for a fat rabbit slot as long as you usually used to.

Fun by story

As you can see — the main advantages of this game are not huge prizes or stable games — the most important part of slot fat rabbit — are the plot. The story will tells you:
  1.   1. About a fat rabbit.
  2.   2. About his troubles on the farm.
  3.   3. About his progress, he tries to change the mind of other farmers.
  4.   4. The way of his success.
The more money you win, the more happiness stays with the fat rabbit.


If you want to get the information of the graphics, which are one of the important parts, you can get additional fun when you play fat rabbit slot machine. So the graphics — is the mix of colorful images, which are separated to the nearby placed pixel-art.
All is simple to understand. Everything is very colorful and attractive. But the main advantage of this graphic — is that fat rabbits look really different from the classical “epic” game-machines.
When you play fat white rabbit slot machine, you will be sure you'll have fun anyway. Cause you never seen this type of slot before.


What you should know about this slot at the conclusion:
  1.   1. It is fully legit.
  2.   2. It has a fair scheme of odds.
  3.   3. You can win there for about x20 from each spin roll.
  4.   4. It’s really attractive.
  5.   5. It’s a bit weird.
The most important thing — is that some illegal casino tries to mimic these slots with illegal software with the same interface, so you should play only in the trusted online casino, where fat rabbit slots are provided officially.
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