Fruit shop slot — stable history — great rewards

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Fruit shop slot — stable history — great rewards
If you are tired of “mega-creative” developers of video-slot games, and want to play classical video games with the standard plot, and great chances to win a huge prize — you should watch to the side, where there is a fruit shop free slot.
This game has next differences from the other games:
  1.   1. Understandable interface.
  2.   2. Easy mechanics.
  3.   3. Great music design.
  4.   4. Great chances to fight the casino.
  5.   5. Almost unlimited games for professional gamers.
And nothing more. This is a perfect balanced slot for the serious gamers.


Since it started — Fruit shop slot game has the standard theme and interface. Here you can find the reel with the 5 rows of the 3 lines. Which gives you more than 30 chances to get a reward.
In addition, the main interface of this video-slot game is created by classical vintage colors. Multiplicities, fruits, colors and brightness. This is all — that you should know about the interface of the fruit shop slot.


When you play the fruit shop slot — you can be sure it is full of standard mechanics, with the great chances to take back your cash. The base balance of this game — created to give for you more than 95/7% of putted in money. This means that you can play fruit shop slot for almost infinite from 10$.
Also sometimes you can get to the special bonus level, where you can get the additional rewards. So by this fact you can play on this video-game slot for the infinite, and also you can have real odds to take a great reward. Also this is the most important advantage of this slot game — cause when you play the fruit shop online slot — you can get unlimited prizes. 
The most famous slot with the great balance, which get more than 90% of cash back, have limited maximal prizes. But the fruit shops are different.
11 unique symbols, which can create for you more than 50 unique winning combinations. All you should do — is only start to spin your gambling machine.


It's a pity to say, but the fruit shop's free video slot — has no special or interesting plot. The answer of this question is simple — developers explain what they agree with John Karmack, who say that plot in games are not important.
But on the other hand — they put the interesting mechanics into the game, which give the players much more attractive moments than a standard fairy plot.
And you shouldn't forget, the fruit free shop slot — is tested by an independent commission of gambling games in Europe, which approved the fair of the slot game.


What we can say at conclusion: the fruit shop free video slot — is a great choice for the regular players, and for newbies too. Cause here you can find all the base mechanics for the gamblers, from the 5*3 easy understandable reels, to the base mechanics with the bonus levels.
Also it have some of additional advantages, which we should to remain you:
  1.   1. The most trustable developer — netent.
  2.   2. The “light” code, which will work on every device, where you want to play.
  3.   3. Flexible loyalty programs, which are provided in the casinos, where this slot is available.
  4.   4. Good volatility and PTR for the slot.
  5.   5. You can play the fruit shop slot everywhere you want.
And at last, but not for at least — this is one of the most fair gambling machines, which are legit provided in the online casino.
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  • Autoplay Option
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