American High Roller At Risk of Spending 40 Years In Prison

American High Roller At Risk of Spending 40 Years In Prison
Former professional poker player Ali Fazeli is famous for winning more than 2.2 million dollars in casinos. And now he risks spending the rest of his life under arrest. The reason is fraud in the sale of tickets for major sporting events.

Standing customer of ARIA casino quitted gambling and founded his own company Summit Entertainment several years ago. Summit was involved in buying and reselling tickets. Ex-gambler received $6.2 million and was to buy tickets to FIFA World Cup and Super Bowl. The investors were assured that the profit would be amazing. But Fazeli didn’t plan to buy tickets. Instead, he spent all his money on his own needs. Most of the money went to the payment of debt in the casino as it turned out that the career stopped but Ali played a very expensive game and lost it. Probably, he managed to owe money to very serious people, since he decided to take such a dangerous adventure.

The investors didn’t receive their money after Superbowl 2017 of course but Faseli tried to convince them that NFL worked against any possibility of reselling tickets. Most of the investors didn’t believe the businessman and accused him in fraud. The sum appeared in the lawsuit was about 6 million dollars. The only way for Ali to minimize 40 possible years in jail is to return the stolen funds to the investors.

It seems that this scheme had been working since the middle of 2016 and up to the middle of 2017. Interesting, but the poker player was at his best during that year. For example, he took 2nd, 4th and 5th places in the top and won about 1.3m dollars.


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