Math Methods in Gambling: Are They Working?

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Math Methods in Gambling: Are They Working?
The house always wins. That phrase is well-known to all gamblers. And it is quite logical as the casino is not a charity corporation but a profitable business for its owners. Yet, is it real to beat it using math methods and logic? We can say for sure, that it is quite real. Let's dwell a bit deeper into the question about how math works in gambling.

Your Expectations and Mindset First of All

First of all, let's define why you gamble? You know for sure that your winnings are completely in the hands of fortune. And this is the first rule of all games of chance without exception. Your skills are not important in them, the chance only matters. Therefore, considering online casinos, even the best online casino sites, as a way to get rich, is a deliberately erroneous policy. You should not consider them as a serious source of income. The pleasure of the game is the main thing in gambling. And this is where you should start, even if you seriously intend to beat the casino.
But still, casino games, whether they are card games, table games, or best slots, operate according to mathematical laws. Some are based on a random number generator, others are based on a certain number of winning combinations of cards, dice, numbers. But one thing unites them - mathematical algorithms, primarily based on the theory of probability. Let's take a look at how it works using several gambling examples.

Card Games and Math Counting

One of the most popular casino card games is blackjack. The essence of the game is that the players and the casino draw cards one by one to score a total of 21 points or a number that is the closest to 21. Next, remember how many cards are in a standard deck? The correct answer is 52. All of them are repeated in four suits, that is, cards of the same denomination occur 4 times. At the start of a set, you get 2 cards in your hand, just like your opponents. Then you can either draw cards further to get closer to the coveted number 21 or pass. Imagine that you have 2 cards in your hand - a seven and a five. In total, they give 12. To win, you need to get 9 more points. You may get lucky and draw a nine right away, or you may have to draw from several cards. You can rely on chance and take risks without the slightest hesitation, or you can call on logic and probability theory to help. First of all, memorize the cards that are already in play. Not only in your hand but also the cards of your opponents. If you need to draw a 9, the default chance to draw it from the deck is 4:52. If at least one 9 has already been removed from the deck, the chances become smaller. Similarly, you can evaluate the chances of drawing other cards you need for a winning combination. 
All these casino gambling probabilities work in other card games too.  

Table Games and Math Methods

If you think that probability theory works only in card games, we'll disappoint you. It works everywhere! Let's start with lotteries. It is the implementation of the Probability theory as is. Each number can go out only once, therefore, the type of lottery also matters. Just compare American bingo with the British type of that game. In the first one 75 balls are used while in the second, there are 90 balls. Where are the chances to win higher? That's bingo! In American one as there you have higher chances to get the right number from the start. The more cards you play at once, the higher are chances to get the number from one of them. 

One more example of this Probability theory in gambling is Craps. Here you need to roll a combination of dices that in sum brings you a certain number. The probability to win depends on the number of winning combinations of two dices. Most often, when playing dice, combinations can occur for average values between the sums of two dice 2 and 12. These are the numbers 6, 7, and 8. They account for almost 35% of all combinations, and 7 is confidently leading in this list because it can be obtained as from a combination of 1 + 6, and from 2 + 5, 3 + 4, and three more similar combinations of dices. It is not uncommon for a casino to bet the lowest payouts on these three numbers but if you want to win, it is worth betting on them.

How to Play&Win in the Casino?

To begin with, make it a habit to notice which combinations have already been drawn in the game, which cards are already open on the table, and which symbols have already appeared in the slot. This will help you make logical and correct decisions, and not be led by excitement.
If we take as an axiom the rule that the casino always wins, you can beat it by using all the opportunities that it provides to players. Yes, we are talking about casino bonuses. Do not bet real money where you can play for bonuses. It always works in your favor. Even if you need to deposit to receive bonuses, it is better to use them first, and only then play with your own money, and not with casino money.
And, of course, don't forget that among the important decisions is your decision when to tell yourself to stop. Especially if you just hit the big jackpot. There is a high probability that you will get excited and lose everything that you won earlier, or even your own money. Therefore, responsible gambling should always be your main principle.
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