What are the best slots to play at a casino?

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What are the best slots to play at a casino?
Not all casino slots are created equal. Therefore, the differences between casino slots expose you to different levels of winning chances. Irrespective of whether you are playing online or offline, it is necessary to understand the best online casino slots that will guarantee you the best results for your bets. In this post, we will show you the best slots to play at the casino. Also, you will learn about the slots with the highest winning probabilities. Lastly, we will show tips on how to earn the best out of your betting efforts. So, remain with us as we take you through this insightful journey of discovery.

The all-times casino hits

So, what are the best slots to play at the casino? In this post, we will show you the three best online casino slots to play. Here they are:

  • Wheel of Fortune
The Wheel of Fortune has been here for the last two decades. It is also one of the most popular slot machines in our days. You can spin the wheel to earn bonus credits.

  • Sphinx
This slot rekindles the memories of ancient Egyptian technology. This five-reel video slot works with a two-tier bonus round. With this slot, you never run out of fun as you move from one notch to the next in search of lucky bonuses. During bonus events, the second screen takes the player into pharaoh's tomb where they need to choose their pathway. If they choose correctly, they enter the inner sanctum that offers them more selections leading to bigger bonuses.

  • Megabucks
The last best slot to play at the casino is the Megabucks. Even though this slot does not hit as often as the other slots we have seen, it can land players millions of dollars when it hits. It has also had influence in both live and online casinos where gamblers can bet on various locations to build large jackpots.

What casino slots pay the best?

Do you want to win at the casino—online or offline? If you do, then it is necessary to know which games have the highest odds. Otherwise, you will waste your time on games that will not give you the best value for your time and money. So, this last section of our coverage will assist you in knowing and choosing the best games with the highest odds.
  1. Steam Tower. A famous slot produced by NetEnt, the Steam Tower offers a highly attractive RTP of 97%, which is quite a fair deal for generally low-paying slots. Besides the high odds of winning in this slot game, you receive an enjoyable playing experience by getting to the Victorian-era theme. Feel like a good old superhero saving a princess from a vicious dragon!
  2. Fruit Warp. This slot game was created by Thunderkick and quickly became an all-times hit among gamblers, partly because of the attractive interface and a set of bonus features, partly due to the lucrative 97% RTP. Thus, by choosing the Fruit warp slot, you can always enjoy the good-old fruit theme and win a pretty penny.
  3. Kings of Chicago. Another appealing slot game from NetEnt, this one is a pure treat to play. While gamblers rarely stick to one kind of game, the Kings of Chicago allows you to feel the spell of a real card game with high stakes and at the same time risk low amounts of money. This slot is famous for offering a great combination of poker and slot, so you may enjoy spinning the reels and getting your winnings multiplied by winning card combinations. This game boasts a 97.8% RTP, which is a pretty fair deal for the pleasure you receive from making bets here.
  4. Blood Suckers. Fans of the Dracula and vampire theme will undoubtedly like the new slot Blood Suckers by NetEnt. Besides giving gamblers a very satisfying RTP of 98%, the slot game is really thrilling. The lively, realistic graphics and the dark, gloomy background of the game create the sense of presence; thus, although this game is not paying off big too often, even small bets and a series of small wins will help you get the reels spinning for several hours to enjoy the story Blood Suckers is ready to tell you!
  5. Barcrest Big Bet. Perhaps the highest-paying slot games known to date, the Barcrest slot machines are a new word in the market of online slots. They offer an amazing RTP of 99%, which truly works out, as experienced gamblers admit. Additional attractiveness of Barcrest Big Bet machines is that they explore globally popular themes such as Monopoly. Though operating this type of slot machines is slightly different from traditional slots, gamblers quickly adjust to this mode to enjoy high returns and a pleasurable gaming experience.

Tips for success when playing for real money

Since you now know the best slots to play at an online casino, we would like to look at how to win. This section shares tips and tricks that will guide you to success in your online betting endeavors.

  • Divide and conquer the casinos
Do you want to succeed in your betting? Then you need to apply the “divide and conquer” strategy. Here, you can take advantage of the stiff competition casinos are facing. This will expose you to the free spins and bonuses they are offering to attract or retain gamblers. Therefore, it is prudent to divide your bets among many casinos to optimize these benefits.

  • Know which slots to avoid
The second tip that will assist you in your betting efforts is knowing which slots to avoid. This is equally important, as you have to know which ones to play. The reason is that some casinos have resorted to tricks that give them an advantage over gamblers. For example, they place loose machines to minimize losses and maximize payout exposure. This way, the casino owners reduce the positive exposure they would get from machines that keep paying out. This way, you will increase your chances of winning at the online or offline casino you are playing at.

  • Play random, not progressive
Before progressing, we would like to underscore the fact that we have two types of slot jackpots. Firstly, we have the random jackpot. Secondly, we have the progressive one. With random jackpots, you will be dealing with fixed jackpots that pop up randomly. Inversely, progressive jackpots offer gamblers progressive and ever-increasing amounts that depend on how many gamblers play at a given time. These types of slot jackpots also have multi-slot forms and a group of different machines. Due to their high chances of transforming paupers into millionaires, they are very tempting. Therefore, know how to resist the temptation when it arises because the lure for instant wealth can cost you even the little you have.

  • Research slot payouts
To succeed in your betting, it is necessary to research the slot payouts. The reason is that many websites these days will tell you anything regarding their slot payouts. It is wise to verify those claims to avoid falling victim to exaggerated claims. So, take your time to research these details before risking your money, by checking the website to verify these facts ahead of time.

  • Manage your money well
If you don't want to end up bankrupt, you should learn how to manage your finances. Otherwise, lack of proper financial management will leave you in the undue financial misery that could affect your life and family if you have one.

  • Make a long-range plan
It is not strange for avid gamblers to take time out in gambling towns or spend a few days playing. If you are one of them, it is prudent to plan how you will budget your finances during that period. In such cases, you can do the following:
  • Determine how long you will stay at the casino and how long you will gamble per session
  • Establish how much you can afford to lose per session
  • Work with the highest denominations
By choosing a higher denomination, you will expose yourself to a lower house edge. So, select the highest denomination for your bids.

  • Bet maximum coin amounts
Also, you have to bet on the maximum amount of coins. The reason is that we have an incentive to bet maximum coins. For instance, a jackpot becomes bigger depending on the bet you make. This gives you better returns from the machine.

  • Bet slowly
Lastly, you have to play slowly. The reason is that playing slowly is a proven strategy since it offers you more time to play with your money. Also, playing slowly allows you to concentrate given that gambling requires a higher mental concentration if you want to get the best for your money. Lastly, playing slowly will allow you to stay longer at a casino as you socialize with fellow gamblers. This social dimension of your playing makes the process more fun. We hope that the insights we shared in this post have opened your eyes to discover more about the best casino games with the highest odds. Also, we believe that you know the best slots you can play at a casino. Lastly, the tips we have shared in this post will enable you to boost your winning chances as you master different games and slots.
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