Instant Play Slots

Instant Play Slots
Today, there’s no so many gamblers who want to leave their personal data in the facility places. For them casinos are already created Instant play slots. The reasons of popularity of these type of gambling industry are simple:
  1. The gamblers try to do their hobby with maximum anonymity
  2. The players want to try many casinos at the time.
  3. They are trying to pick up the jackpot, which is already attached to the instant games.
  4. These types of machines are available for web-playing on smartphones or the browser.
  5. The personal data of the gamblers are very important.
Moreover, there are many other reasons why gamblers preferred the best no download online slots, to the classical casino system. 
The interesting fact: Most instant playing games are usually called the Vegas system. The analogue is simple to understand. When the regular player going to Vegas, he shouldn't register himself for playing. He can change the game anytime, for any tries. The slots with that type of playing have no statistics for each player, which greatly increases the chances of winning.

How’re they works

The main difference from the instant online play slots of the classical system is their construction. You shouldn’t attach your data to the casino, and you can change it at any moment.
But it has some differences. Your statistics are kept only for one session. This method has its own advantages and disadvantages. As for disadvantage, you should care about your internet connection, cause if you break your session, your money will be burnt in the slot. 
Usually instant games are based on the easier version of the classical casino gambling machines. Because they can’t keep the information about all winnings and all loses, they can guarantee you regular winnings, but with lesser prizes. But for the other side, they can’t work with the license or else.

Advantages of this type gambling

As we show you before, the access to online instant play slots have a lot of advantages, from all of the other types gambling.
At first, you can really fast to change your casino provider, and try much more slots as soon as it really possible.
Secondly, you can refill your account right now, by one-two clicks.
Thirdly, by SSL secure protocol, you can don’t worry about the safety of your personal or bank data. Because all data is transferred by special protocol, tricksters can get access to them.
Moreover, you can play without download slots, and also you get access for the Flash casino gambling machines. From the classical applications, flash products are much more randomly for player, and get the real chances of winning in every type of slot, cause their random system are much poor from the classical licensed software.

Huge assortment

The additional advantage for the instant play online casino playing for the gamblers — is the huge assortments of slots with real different terms and plots. Everyday developers create new machines, and they can't balance them all.
What does this mean to the regular player? It’s simple! You can really try to search and find the game, which will be profitable for you. Because developers are not the owners of the profit for the slot, you can find the place, where you will earn much more money, then you spend on your refills. And also by anonymity you shouldn't create multiple accounts or something else. All that you should do is press the play button, and start your adventure in the fantasy world of the big prizes.

Play everywhere

The next huge advantage of this type of gambling — is their approachability for all players. You can play from the desktop, or from the mobile device. Someone can play from the smart-tv. By this, you can do fast wins, until you go from homo to work, or in the Subway, or in the taxi.
The instant games — is the way for real fast playing. One spin — one win.

The disadvantages

As all casino methods, if being honest — the instant play casino is the only promotion, from that casino usually get much more profit than in the classical system.
At first, with instant playing you can’t hope for a huge reward. So after many spins, you’ll register on the website to get more rewards.
Secondly, you can’t hope about reload or tournament bonus, because instant playing software can’t keep information about your statistics under sessions.
But this is not huge problem, The more troubles you can see, from the tricksters:
  1. Troubles with withdrawal if you break the game session.
  2. Troubles with balance of playing on the most popular games.
  3. Troubles with the connection, cause all games are usually based on the flash technologies.
  4. Problems with license. You should care about playing not in the rigged software.
And many other troubles with your security. 
By the way, create your own instant casino with rigged software. That’s why on this sphere there are much more scammers from the classical licensed places.

Troubles with withdraw

When you play on the Instant games by the new casino, you should keep in mind, that you can have troubles with the withdrawal. In the classical casinos, owners are attached your personal data to your account, and by the this you don't have to worry about security of data.
But in the instant play methods, all the data are collects on the site. And if you troubles with connection, they’re loose this data. Also they can ask you about additional verification to break the AML policy, or something else. So by these your prizes can be freeze or a log time, and you’ll get nerves from this experience.
But this is not a regular scenario. Much more often you’ll see the scammers, who just steal your money without any reason. They’re working as thieves, and all that they do is only stealing and stealing.
How to know that your new provider isn’t honest with you? It’s easy. The sites work for a short time, and have no rating from the approved reviewers.
Usually you can solve problems with withdraw by the next steps:
  1. Write to the support, then you have trouble.
  2. Write your number of sessions before you start playing.
  3. Don’t pay a lot of money at once if you work with not approved provider.
  4. Test your connection.
  5. Took all verification data closer to you.
And read reviews about the new casino provider, before you start playing there.

Trickster providers

The biggest trouble of this sphere of gambling industry — is the approachability of instant games without registration. 
Because providers do not have to work with the regulators, or the licensed software, or anything else, he can create a lot of scam projects with the rigged software.
He can create many domains with different names of the company, and catch many more players. Cause the soft, that is used by the trickster developers has no cost. It can be downloaded on the freeware system.
But don’t worry, it's so easy to find a trickster provider. They haven’t any imagination, that’s why they’re always using the same assortment of rigged software.
So if you see the same slots for instant playing on the most of the casinos, which are untrusted for you, you can be sure that they’re tricksters.
Is this the huge reason to don’t play instant slots? Nope. You just should be careful, when you search for the approved provider for your gambling experience.

The rigged software

The main problem, which can be a huge disadvantage for playing instant slots — is the rigged software. For today on special forums and the torrents are placed much more rigged and cracked unlicensed software, which can be used by the trickster providers without any paying.
The difference between the rigged and legal software are in the algorithms. When you play in the legal software slots, you can be sure that it works with fair odds. You don’t know about all the differences in algorithms, but they always give you money back. 
If you’ll have problems with the legal gambling machines, you can go to the developer, and ask about these troubles. With the big chances you’ll get your money back, if the software has some bugs with the balance or something else.
This is all possible, only because the legal software writes all the history of the game sessions, and the developers can check everything, what was going on in the machine.
When you play instant games, you can’t be sure about all of the described things. Also, the tricksters can steal your money, or rebalance the slot machine with similar interfaces, to get all your money, which you put in the gambling machine of the chosen facility.


As many other ways — the instant slots have two sides of the coin. For the one side is:
  1. Opportunity to play with full anonymity.
  2. Fast withdraw, fast win, fast refill.
  3. Huge chances to win a huge prize.
  4. The opportunity to change the casino as soon as possible.
On the other side of this type facility are:
  1. Lower chances of winning prizes.
  2. No welcome, reload or loyalty bonuses.
  3. No tournaments.
  4. No way to save your account.
These types of the gambling are very popular, and by this there’re a lot of scammers and tricksters, which mimic the casino providers, and give the rigged software with special balance for players.
That’s why before you start to play online instant slots, you should assume that you play with the official provider, with the licensed software, with a good rating.
And please, when you work with the instant playing games, please be sure about you working with the highest level of security. But this is not main. The main thing that you should keep in mind, is that you shouldn’t pay for huge summaries on a new provider, cause if your session breaks, you’ll lose all your money.
Always don’t forget about risk-management, strategy, and psychology when you are playing on every facility places.
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