How to choose the best online slot?

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How to choose the best online slot?
The variety of online slots is extremely large. The gambling market can offer the player dozens of the best online slots for every taste, varying parameters such as difficulty, type of slot, design, and history, bonus symbols, the presence of a jackpot, etc.
Popular games also regularly receive updates, since the more slot machines a casino can offer to you, the more interesting the process of choosing and finding your ideal gambling institution.
The list of the best online slots to make bet in a good casino should consist of all types of slots to play (classic, modern, and jackpot slots) which are proven by time and users. Still, some unscrupulous casino sites tend to offer the player fakes or even deceiving software, and then not hold responsibility for such actions. Thus, you should not cooperate with a gambling establishment if you have doubts about the topics that we will discuss below.

The aesthetic component as a first impression

Before evaluating the characteristics of a game in numbers, we choose it visually. Nice design and theme that interest you are very valuable. You can play online slots with themes for every taste, from ancient Egypt and Greece to decorations with the characters of your favorite franchise. Absolutely everything that you can imagine already exists, you just need to search. Also, there is a lot of free online slot games that can be used to familiarize yourself with the game or just for fun.
Same, if you are dissatisfied by the appearance of the slot, then, firstly, this will reduce the pleasure of the game process, and secondly, this will sow doubts about the quality of the product. The famous manufacturers are well aware of this, so they strive to make the game visually attractive for the player as much as possible.
One of the non-obvious at first glance aspects of the visual design is the size and location of the buttons, the readability of the inscriptions, the animation that should not interfere with the game process – there should be a measure in everything. Ideal in terms of ergonomics is a design that is intuitively clear to you and does not require additional explanations.

Selection by type of slot machine

After having made a choice, we begin to read the description of the game, where the type of slot is indicated by the number of reels, lines, a list of symbols, main features and the cost of combinations, the rules for bets and withdrawals.
What are the mechanics parameters for choosing a slot game?
1. The number of reels:
  • The most common options: 3, 5, 6, or 7. Still, there are variations with a greater number of reels. With a high number of reels, it is more difficult to make a winning combination, so if you are a novice in online casino slot games, we recommend starting with three or five reels.
2. Gameplay construction and rules:
  • Classic (three reels and one line, according to the principle which duplicates the very first slot machines).
  • Fruit slot games are very similar to the classics, but they have a significant difference, as you can independently stop each of the reels at the right time, and this increases the level of interactivity significantly.
  • 3D Slots put a lot of emphasis on animation, soundtrack, and interactive environments. Modern online 3D slots are best to play because they have no restrictions on the number of reels or pay-lines, the number of animations, designs, or the range of bonuses. Now they are the most widespread and popular type among the best slots (due to reviews).

Withdrawal and deposit of funds

Another thing which should be thought out in advance. What payment system does the casino cooperate with? How to deposit funds and withdraw winnings? In some cases, the terms of money transfers may not be beneficial for you. If it is difficult to find this information on your own – contact a casino support service representative.

Jurisdiction and its impact on the quality

The best online slot sites are required to obtain a license from one of the chosen jurisdictions to carry out their activities legally. Before starting the game, check the availability of a license at the gambling establishment, if it is absent, then slot games on such a resource should not even be considered as an instrument to have some fun. Even the best free online slots on such resource not worth your attention.
Also, check if this casino cooperates with the citizens of your country since some regions still prohibit their residents from gambling. Perhaps, in case of a big win, you will be asked to provide some documents proving your residence to withdraw cash. All these rules depend precisely on the jurisdiction and internal rules of the casino.
Licenses of the following jurisdictions are considered reliable: Great Britain, Gibraltar, Malta, and the Isle of Man.How to choose the best online slot?

What about the RTP?

RTP translates as "return to player" and is the percentage that is returned to the player after winning. It is obligatory and fixed, therefore, before placing money, find out its indicator for the chosen slot.
Even if in the course of the game you theoretically have won more than spent, part of the winnings still goes to the casino. Experienced players have tactics for each slot machine, but a beginner should choose a game with the highest RTP possible. On average, it usually ranges from 93% to 97%, but there are even more. Below is a list of games that currently offer the most favorable conditions in terms of RTP.
TOP 10 online slots with high RTP:
  • 1. Ocean Princess 99.08%.
  • 2. Ugga Bugga 99.06%.
  • 3. Tropic Reels 98.96%.
  • 4. Mega Joker 98.8%.
  • 5. Jackpot 6000 and Alaxe in Zombieland 98.87%.
  • 6. 1429 Uncharted Seas 98.7%.
  • 7. Mega Jackpots Monopoly 98.15%.
  • 8. Rainbow Riches Pick&Mix 98.1%.
  • 9. Jokerizer 98%.
  • 10. Blood Suckers 97.9%.
Keep in mind that the data from the list are not absolute indicators and different slot games and casinos impose their own rules and restrictions, so RTP should be an important factor in your choice, but not the main one. Combine this information with the info from the rest of this article.

Software providers

The quality of the game directly depends on its manufacturer, since it is responsible for the operation of the random number generator, mechanics, the probability of winning, and much more. Nice design, graphics, and user-friendly interface are also their merits, but the main factors are the license, the level of security, high company standards, and respect for the players.
Now the leading companies in this area are such companies as:
  • Microgaming. Existed since 1994 and are known for being among the first who introduced progressive jackpot to online slots, where the prize pool was shared between several casino sites. They can boast of the fact that the online video slots of their development were won some of the biggest winnings in the world.
  • Net Entertainment is considered a cutting-edge company in terms of design, graphics, and in-game features. NetEnt's client list includes the largest gaming operators.
  • Playtech was created in 1999, and a wide range of games released by them allows to fill almost all the spectrum of the best online casino services without resorting to using software from another manufacturer. A huge number of their games have been optimized for mobile devices.
  • IGT (International Gaming Technology) – was the first to offer video poker machines. As a result of cooperation with Sony was created a line of branded slot machines, which gain high popularity among gamblers. IGT even created its line of table and card games.

Bonuses and free spins

The bonuses are another tool in attracting new players and often their conditions are quite favorable. The situation with bonuses is beneficial for both the player and the casino, as you get the opportunity to increase your funds and the casino will get potential customers. If you are just starting to play online, it will be useful to find out what bonus systems your chosen slot machine has. The more bonuses and the more favorable their conditions, the better for you.
  • Welcome bonuses – most often the player is offered free spins or other bonuses as advertising. To get them, you need to register on the site and follow the rules of the promotion.
  • No deposit spins differ from the previous point in that the free spins will be gifted to you even before the funds are deposited into the account.
  • Loyalty program. The casino needs to encourage not only new players, but also regular ones, so there is a high chance to get bonuses after long gaming.
  • Free spins without mandatory wagering. There will be no mandatory betting rules, but there is a restriction on the type of slot in which the bonus is valid or the maximum winnings may be limited. This option can be chosen to get some experience, and also for the same purpose you can choose the best free online slots basing on feedback of players already using them.
If you want to get the most out of bonus systems, then carefully consider the conditions for using them:
  • The wager is set by the casino. A wager is the minimum number of bets a player must make to be able to withdraw money.
  • The term of your free spins. Keep track of the remaining time in your account on the website that you can use bonuses, otherwise, you will simply lose them.
  • The type of slot in which this bonus is active. Free spins are not active on all online slot machines, and this must be specified in the conditions of the promotion or the welcome gift. Also, if you follow the release of the best new online slots, it will be possible to collect bonuses offered due to their opening.
  • Your maximum bet in a bonus game may be limited by a casino to control the situation.
  • The free online slot games with free spins can be beneficial not only financially, but also as a tool to familiarize yourself with the mechanics of a particular game. By using the bonus on a new game, you can find out how interested you are in it and how much pleasure you got from the process.
Some casinos offer gamble bonuses which can be used to at least double the result of winning in one round.

Jackpot availability

How does the jackpot work? From each loss, a part of the funds is transferred to the jackpot bank and players have the opportunity to collect the entire amount overnight. Such a proposal increases demand and the level of interest because the more people play, the faster the jackpot grows.
Once you reach a certain level of experience and want to try your luck at the jackpots, first read the rules for earning and accumulating jackpots. They can differ from one casino to another.

Choosing volatility

Volatility, or variance, tells us about the level of risk in a given game, which is based on the mathematical probability of a combination of interest to you. There is low and high volatility:
If it is high, the probability of winning is much lower, but the reward will be higher. If you do not want to tempt fate too much, then lower your bets in high-risk slot machines.
With a low variance, combinations will appear often, but the payoff will not be very high. However, such machines allow you to spend more time in the game and get small wins more regularly.
For example, in a situation when you need to pull an ace of clubs out of a full deck of cards and you will be given a million dollars for this, this is high volatility, and if you need to pull out a number and you will be paid a thousand dollars, it is low variance.
Of course, volatility is not calculated as roughly as we just did, it is another part of the slot machine's operation strictly regulated by the rules of the casino, manufacturer, and jurisdiction, as, for example, RTP.
Specific Figures: On the top of online casino slots with high dispersion game at the moment is "Dead or Alive," with a score of 16.26 out of 20 maximum points. For example, the slot that claims the lowest volatility is "Boom Brothers," which has just 3.28. In comparison, the first slot game is about five times riskier, which means that for every five wins in Boom Brothers, there will be only one in "Dead or Alive."

Time for conclusion

As a result of everything that has been written above, we note: try to read all the available information about the slot game you have chosen, consider not only the design and graphics, but also the technical characteristics of the game, always use the trial period and free spin option, try the free online slots with bonuses, and most importantly – remember that the best paying online slots are made for your entertainment and interesting leisure, but not to make you a millionaire.
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