How to win at online roulette? Best strategies

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How to win at online roulette? Best strategies
Online roulette is one of the leading online games. In this game, a player can bet on single numbers, or a varied group of numbers, irrespective of whether the numbers are odd or even, high or low or the colors red and black.
In this online roulette game, winners are determined when the dealers spin wheels in one direction and spin the ball in the opposite around the outer edge of the wheel. In the process, ball gradually loses momentum and fall on the colored and numbered pockets of the wheel. The wheel's pockets are numbered from 0 to 36. In the range of 1-10 and 19-28 odd numbers are red while even numbers are black. In the ranges 11-18 and 29 -36 the odd numbers are black and the even numbers are red. Number zero is green in color.
The betting table is covered with a cloth and it's known as a layout, which is either single zero or double zero. The layout is either American or European style, and the most commonly used is the American online roulette.

Types of bets in roulette

The bets in roulette are either inside or outside bets.
Inside Bets
  • A single bet that allows bettors to bet on single numbers.
  • Street bet, the bet is placed on three consecutive numbers on a horizontal line.
  • Corner or Square bet you place a bet on four consecutive numbers that meet in a corner.
  • Six Line allows gamblers to bet on six consecutive numbers that constitute horizontal lines.
  • Split bet you bet on two horizontally adjacent numbers.
  • First four where you bet on 0-1-2-3.
  • Top Line that lets gamblers bet on 0-00-1-2-3.
Outside Bets
The outside bets have small pay-outs with high chances of winning. The outside bets are classified as below.
  • Low to Manqué or high to Passé.
  • Red or Black where bet numbers will be of the chosen color.
  • Even and odd where the number that will be chosen is either odd or even.
  • Dozen bet in this double bet the number chosen will be in the first dozen.
  • Column Bet where the bet number chosen will be in the vertical column.
  • Snake bet is a special bet that covers multiple numbers.

Best winning online roulette strategy

It is possible for interested gamblers to master how to win an online roulette from their homes, without the necessity to actually go and visit an offline land-based casino. However, it's imperative to have an online roulette strategy to follow. The remaining paragraphs of this section will show you the best roulette systems and tactics that work best to assist you in your winning endeavours.
  • Progressive system
Progressive system uses previous numbers to predict and determine how you play the next round. Moreover, we have numerous progressive systems that gamblers have been using for many years.
  • Non-progressive system
These systems utilize the previous numbers to predict the next win. The non-progressive system is also known as flat betting.
  • Physical systems
A physical system depends on the flaws of the wheel to foretell which numbers will win.

Top 10 tips to win big at online roulette

In this section of our post, we will share with you the best tips that will assist you in winning online roulette. The reason is that without such practical insights, your chances of winning will dwindle. To master online roulette, or even usual roulette in a land-based casino, one has to understand the principles and chances. Here are some of the best recommendations that will empower you for a winning streak.

  • Understand the odds before betting
In roulette, you can bet on one number and make a lot of money or bet on many numbers and make a tiny amount of money. The more numbers you bet on, the more you increase your chances of winning.
Your probability of hitting one number is low. So, the expected payout is high, but the best strategy is splitting your bet to include several numbers and increase your winning prospects. Sadly, most newbies place their money on single numbers because they don't understand that it's difficult to win on one number despite the expected amount being high. It's imperative that you know that roulette operates on statistics level.

  • Don't use one betting system
Some betting systems require that you bet more to win while others are the opposite. Most players keep changing their bets at the roulette table whether they have won or not. The reason is that they follow a specific betting system. All the systems differ, and hence, none of them has been proven to work better than the other. So, it is necessary to bet with various systems; perhaps you will find it convenient and smart to change the strategy at a certain point of time.

  • Don't expect biased online wheels
Formerly, we have had cases of the wheel allowing some numbers to pop up more than others. This popup caused massive wins. Additionally, a ball can hit the wheel and cause some dents altering the movement of the ball, making it land on a specific number. The above phenomenon can only happen in live casinos but not on the web.
The online roulette wheels utilize random number generators to determine the results of spins. This way, the revolutions and numbers are very fair for all casino bettors. There are no tricks while playing the online other than sticking to a disciplined betting strategy.

  • Choose trustworthy casinos
It's imperative that you find legitimate, reliable, respectable, honest, and trustworthy casinos. While playing online, it's equally critical to deal with a fair casino without questionable reputation. Moreover, it is needful to select sites that with a good paying history. The reason is that if you land on a fishy site, you will never win no matter what strategy you use. Perhaps reading some reviews will be a good idea.

  • Master your roulette strategy
When playing roulette, it is necessary to have an effective strategy. So, it is imperative to learn how and when to place roulette bets, and how much to bet at any particular time. A winning strategy will help you to cut losses and maximize your wins. Also, you have to explore the different playing systems before you start playing. Don't forget to keep improving your winning strategy. Moreover, learn and master the different roulette variations and understand each variation and the pay-outs. Before you start playing roulette online, make sure you fully comprehend how each roulette variation works, likely pay-outs and advantages of each version of the roulette. To make a long-term profit, you need to know the correct odds of the setup of the boards.

  • Avoid drinking and betting
Drinking may impair your judgment, and that may cause you to make wrong decisions. For example, you may not realize that you have lost your money until you hit a zero. It's critical for you to be sober and keep a clear head when you are playing to win roulette.

  • Don't bet what you cannot afford
Never bet on what you can't afford. Moreover, don't bet on money that you don't have or cannot afford to lose without disrupting your personal life. For both online and land-based casinos, you need to bet only on sums you can afford, as the opposite approach is a sure way to lose your shoes. Set the budget you intend to use, choose the best stakes and stick to a betting pattern that will not go overboard and that will make winning much easier.

  • Understand the game
If you continuously lose the bets, don't continue betting with the hope that you will soon win. It's imperative to understand how to play roulette, and play it strategically. It's important to understand there is no magic in the game, but strategy and statistics.

  • Play both live and online games
Even if you are great online, once in a while, make sure you play at a live casino. The social element of a live casino will make you more relaxed about the gambling issues. The tactics you use online are still applicable. However, the online roulette performs a lot faster than the live one.

  • Understand that casinos are in business
It's critical to know that casinos are also in business and they are out to make money. You have to know they also have an edge. Whether you are playing online or in the live casino, both of them have commercial interests. However, that doesn't mean that you will not make cash. With the right strategy and tips, you will make loads of money.
Roulette is a great game to play, and you can make money if you follow the above strategies and tips we shared in this post. We hope that the tips we have explored will make playing roulette fun and easy to make cash.
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