Gambling Etiquette: What Is It and How to Follow It

Gambling Etiquette: What Is It and How to Follow It

For many people, gambling is still terra incognita. At the same time, every year there are more and more fans of this entertainment. The times when no less strict etiquette rules were in place in the casino than in the theater are over, but it will still be useful to know some of the features of gambling etiquette today if you choose gambling in a casino as a pastime.

Let's look at some of these etiquette rules for gamblers. 

Main Rules for Casino Visitors

We'll start with the most common etiquette principles that you should follow to look like a decent person. 

  • Play at the same pace as everyone else. Gambling is not a game of chess where you can think about a move for half an hour. It is unacceptable to hold the whole table with your thoughts.
  • Even if you mostly play solo on gambling machines, control your behavior. Especially with regard to alcohol. The casino in general allows you to drink a couple of drinks, but if you are interacting with other players or the croupier, keep yourself in check. Otherwise, it’s better to choose bar crawling as entertainment, and postpone gambling until sober times.
  • In land-based casinos, all cash and chips are placed on the table. You cannot transfer them from hand to hand neither to other players, nor to personnel.
  • It is allowed to count chips at the casino table. Leave the cash counting for a more intimate atmosphere. This is unacceptable at the gaming table.
  • Touching your chips after the end of the bet is bad manners. You can only touch chips on the table to collect your winnings.
  • Don't play games where you don't know the rules. In addition to a high chance of losing, you can make yourself look bad in front of other players.
  • Don't forget about tips. Even the croupier counts on them too.

What About Slot Machines Etiquette?

Slot machines are a special kind of entertainment available in the casino. For them, there are special rules of gambling machines etiquette designed. 

  • Do not occupy many slot machines at once. This is disrespectful to other players who may be bored while waiting for their turn to play. This is acceptable only in an empty casino, where the machines are idle anyway.
  • Do not try to be too intrusive to start a conversation with other slot machine players. Often this type of gambling is chosen by people who are not inclined to communicate.
  • Don't spy on other players. Playing slots is a process where the player is face to face with the computer. Don't disturb him.
  • Too emotional behavior is not the best option. Of course, you can express your emotions but remember that too loud screams, physical displays of emotions, can annoy other players.
  • But it’s also not worth sitting a gloomy crow. This is a casino, have fun!
  • And of course, keep your opinions to yourself. In a casino, any advice is inappropriate.

Etiquette Rules for Card Games

Card games have separate rules of etiquette. And they are also worth following.

  • Don't tell other players. They decide what to do with the cards in their hand.
  • Reading notations and learning to play is unacceptable.
  • Learn sign language to interact with dealers. This is a good tone.
  • Cards dealt face up are not allowed to be touched.
  • Asking the dealer for advice is useless.

Everything seems very simple, so please follow the rules of etiquette in order to earn a reputation as a worthy player.

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