How to Beat a Slot Machine?

How to Beat a Slot Machine?
If roulette is the queen of the casino, then slot is its king. Slots have been around for quite a while. We all do remember how they used to be some time ago: all mechanical and noisy. Nowadays they are electronic all over and operated by extremely sophisticated software that guarantees us random wins and fair game. Slots made plenty of people rich. But at the same time, because of those little fellows plenty of folks all over the globe went broke. 

Guess, every gambler in the world wants to know how to beat the slot. Actually, there is a chance. The best strategies with slots are either to choose slots with best RTP and bet high or choose a slot with maximum payouts. The high wagers are actually not that important, but if maximum bets are necessary to trigger jackpot, you better bet max. 

It is the only working strategy, but not very popular somehow. No surprise, not many gamblers have a bankroll big enough to keep up with such gambling. That is why there are so many theories and strategies circulating all over the gambling society. New ones appear almost every day. And they manage to draw everyone attention. Why so? Probably because they are easy to use and give feeling of control over something that can’t be controlled. 

Here, we wouldn’t talk about any of those. All of them seem viable until proven otherwise. Instead, we will stick to the bankroll management advice and talk about several strategies that can bring more order and system to your game. When the game becomes more meaningful and organized, your chances to win rise, because your chances to lose decrease. 

The Ladder System

This one is extremely simple and somehow reminds of the way progressive jackpots are collected. How does it work? First, set up your minimal and maximum bets. Start with the lowest wager and spin. Remember, you can’t wager less that the minimal bet. If you lost the first spin, repeat the bet without changing the wager. If you won, double the bet for the next spin. 

Keep the patter in mind, if you win the next bet is doubled, if you lose your next wager should be divided by two. Say you bet a $1 and win. Then, you have to wager $2 in the following spin. In case you lose, decrease your bet to $0.50 for the next spin. 

So the idea is to bet only on the money you win in a spin. If your bets are higher, you will have to wait for a win that will be two times bigger that the original stake. Otherwise, you won’t have enough money for doubling the stake. 

You probably wonder why you need the upper limit for the bet as it’s never mentioned in the strategy. That’s pretty easy, set it yourself for your own comfort. We urge you to, so you know when to stop. This strategy is considered rather soft. As your bets are made on won money most of the time, so if your bankroll is rather limited it would cope with the pressure.

Play and Run Strategy

A very neat technique. And extremely simple. Basically, it means, if you lose playing one slot, leave it and play another one. 

Before applying the strategy to real gambling, you would have to figure out the following: what are your loss limit and how many empty spins you can take. Let’s get into a little details over these two terms. Loss limit is quite clear, it’s basically how much money you can afford to lose on one slot machine. The second is simple though may seem less familiar. Empty spin is a lost spin, the one that wasted your money instead of bringing you some. So, choose the limits and start spinning. One more tip, we strongly recommend making a list of slots for this strategy. If you are not sure how to choose the slots then see our article on that. 

How to use the technique? Choose the slot and spin it. If you reach your limit on empty spins or loss limit, leave the game and change the slot. Just remember, this method works better with lower wagers. If your loss limit is low, there is no use playing slots with high minimal bets. So choose slots wisely. 

Here, you don't have to change the bet itself, so no calculus involved. The bet is fixed, the only thing that changes here is the game itself. By the way, you may not change the slot, if you don’t feel like it. Maybe you are into that particular machine, so be it. But cash out your win, end the game and start the new one. 

What is good about this particular system is that you can’t really lose a lot unexpectedly. Your account should be relatively stable if you follow all the rules. And also you will be able to play longer even if you are loosing. If the odds are in your favor, you will be able to win a lot, if not you will stop before you lose everything. The system is great for those with small bankroll and control problems. 

Blank Back Strategy

It’s rather similar to the previous method. There is only one major difference - the number of allowed empty spins. The idea is to leave the ‘cold’ slot as soon as you start losing money. It’s simple and doesn’t require special skills of any kind. It’s highly recommended for the players who can’t stop when they are losing. The method really helps to stop and get out of the game while there is still something left on your account. 

Experienced gamblers recommend setting a limit of empty spins anywhere from 7 to 15. If your limit is lower, you would have to switch machines way too often. If your limit is higher, you may end up broke. The bet is fixed as it was in the previous system. The method is very comfortable to use while gambling online. All you have to prepare in advance is a list of slots to gamble. Afterwards, just follow the list as long as you want and able to afford. 

One Game Strategy

This method is even easier than all the aforementioned. Choose a slot, bet max and spin. If you win, you may continue spinning this slot or may take your win and leave. If you choose to go on playing this slot mind the limit. You may continue spinning until you lose all the credits won from the first spin. Mind, you may not spin the slot on your own money. You bet your money once and then wager on the won credits. Lose them and change the slot immediately. This strategy works really well if your bankroll is relatively big. 

Who got this idea of betting money only once and where did it come from? We have no idea. Maybe this strategy grew out of good-old superstition, that casinos always allow you to win the first spin of a new game. Just to draw your attention. We doubt it is really the case as casinos are obliged to follow the fair play rules and use random number generator. But superstitions are strong in this biz. If this particular superstition will make you richer, then so be it. But trust us, there are no guarantees you will always win the first spin. Remember about RNG. So betting max at any game of chance is a risky business. You may win or may lose so be prepared and stop when you are losing way too much. 

So here are four relatively safe and interesting techniques any gambler may use. Choose the one that suits you, your gambling style and your bankroll the best and give it a go. A bit of system and rationality never did anyone bad. So enjoy your game as safe as it may get. Any one of those four strategies is much better than wasting your money on buying some ‘100% guarantee’ gambling systems. They are all rigged. All you need to play safer is to set your top limit and obey it. Your limit should be well thought through. Take some time to consider your bankroll and check the paytables of the slots. Remember, gambling is safe when you control yourself, your account and your emotions. 

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