Credit card ban - relief from potential ban

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Credit card ban - relief from potential ban

An Australian corporation is trying to achieve justice. According to the latest restrictions, customers cannot use their credit cards. In general, the ban applies to all forms of gambling. Accordingly, for a country where the majority of the population pays with credit cards, this is a serious blow. This initiative is aimed at controlling the financial costs of clients. Players can spend their hard-earned money on games and lotteries, but not use credit cards.

The request to lift restrictions was made on October 1. The main goal is to exempt lotteries from the bill on amendments to interactive gambling. Accordingly, without restrictions, people will be able to freely use their credit cards and not worry about the consequences. It is noteworthy that in many countries around the world, the gambling business allows the use of credit cards. In Australia, this issue is dealt with more strictly.

The credit card ban is supported by major players, making the process of lifting restrictions much more difficult. Major betting companies such as Sportsbet, Tabcorp and Responsible Wagering Australia believe people do need to be restricted. This will help you avoid unplanned expenses and not get into debt with banking organizations.

Main reasons for the ban

According to research conducted (the Australian Parliament participated in the process), the main reason for the ban was the harm caused by online gambling. People become addicted quite quickly, and every loss is accompanied by a desire to gain profit. As a result, the player makes a lot of attempts, which can lead to the loss of money, even on a credit card. Individuals who use poker machines or visit casinos are already prohibited from using their credit card to place bets.

How do banks comment on this? They fully support the initiative of Parliament. After all, this approach really helps regulate spending. Banks do not restrict their clients, but they do not encourage “stupid” spending. Financial companies believe that betting providers must comply with the law without question.

From all this, it becomes clear that only players are interested in unlocking the ability to use credit cards. If banks support the initiative, it will be difficult to reverse the changes made.

What's next?


Inspired by the introduced bans, other amendments are being prepared. Thus, there are proposals that it is necessary to completely ban advertising of betting and other online games. This will help prevent players from being tempted. Combined with a ban on the use of credit cards, this is an ideal tandem. And this is where betting companies express their dissatisfaction. If they agree with the ban on credit cards, but they don’t want to completely remove advertising activities. How will players learn about new casinos and games? Such a ban causes a natural wave of indignation.

What do the defenders say?

Those interested in lifting the credit card ban believe the negative impact could extend to newsstands and other retailers. Simply put, having introduced one ban, others may follow, which will generally have a negative impact on the general mood of people.

The investigation committee proposes lifting restrictions on lotteries and gambling. You need to take into account the opinions of other companies. But it is worth acting in the interests of the players. And the last word will always belong to Parliament.

In any event, the ice has been broken, with the Australian Lotteries and Newsagents Association stating that: “Domestic licensed lottery products are not betting products and “represent a very low level of harm.” These words were expressed by representatives of a financial advisory agency. They believe that the gambling business does not cause serious harm if you approach the process wisely. At the same time, companies that provide games with bets believe that deposits should be made exclusively from hard-earned funds; credit cards and even digital wallets should be prohibited.

It is noteworthy that it was thanks to the ban that lotteries managed to prove their relative safety. Additionally, the gambling business has also joined the process. Well, everything is moving towards lifting restrictions. And if major players and the Parliament itself got involved in this issue, the issue will be resolved.

And in this case, players will have to independently regulate their spending and not plunge headlong into betting. Otherwise, supporters of the amendments may vote for restrictions again.

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