Improving Skills in Craps

Improving Skills in Craps
No need to say that craps are among the most popular casino games for several centuries already. Lots of people around the world spend their time throwing dice to win some money in craps. So we've prepared our basics of craps betting to help you win in that game or at least get even more pleasure from it.

Here we offer you 6 basic tips to become a craps shooter.
  1. Craps offer different house edges depending on the bet amount. The higher the bet is, the lower will the house edge. Knowing the percentage of the house edge of a craps game you want to play may save your money. Choose the lowest option you are offered if you play real-money craps.

  2. Do not forget to place free odds bets. These bets have 0 house edge so it is profitable for you to make these bets as much as possible. Setting a point in craps is a regular thing so why should you miss the moment to place your second bet at a time?

  3. Be sure that your odds bet winning depend on the type of point set. When the point is 4 or 10, your chances are 2:1. In case the point is 5 and 9, the chances increase to 3:2. For 6 and 8 points, the chances for winning/losing are 6:5. Besides, these numbers are true not only for chances but also for payout odds.

  4. The best idea how to learn the strategy for playing craps is to play them. Only by practicing you may reach the knowledge. Start with a pass-line bet and investigate how often you can win in it, what combos do work. Be sure, you'll learn it soon as craps are the easiest game of chance. Besides, it has the lowest house edge among simple casino games.

  5. Start playing with common routines like buying chips. Just try once to get through the whole process of buying chips and their further cashout. Before you start your game, ask what is the minimal bet size at the table. In some casinos, the most common is a $5 bet for craps. Yet, in some fancy casino establishments, rates could be higher. So it is better to clear this up beforehand.

  6. Rolling dice is not an easy-peasy thing. You should roll them strongly to make them bounce around the table. In case your roll is weak, it won't be counted.

Playing craps is great fun. And this game is math-based so it could be both predicted and left to the chance's will. Besides, in craps, you have low enough house edge so the amount of money the casino will surely get from you is small. For odds bet, it is even 0% so making odds bets is profitable. Besides, train a bit to roll dice correctly so you may be a real craps shooter who wins regularly.

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