Comprehensive inspection of operators and amendments to legislation

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Comprehensive inspection of operators and amendments to legislation

KSA has reviewed due diligence on operators. The main goal is the subsequent introduction of amendments to the legislation regulating gambling. The Dutch gambling agency Kansspelautoriteit carried out an extensive audit of more than 10 online gaming providers. In Holland, the operation of casinos is legalized and regulated at the legislative level. To ensure that all established requirements are met, the agency regularly conducts additional inspections.

What is the essence of the check?

The gambling business in Holland is monitored by a special agency, Kansspelautoriteit. The operation of casinos is regulated at the legislative level, and periodic inspections are carried out to ensure that all requirements prescribed by law are met. If violations are detected, the operator receives a reprimand and time to resolve them. But if violations are widespread and observed among several providers at once, amendments are made directly to the law.

An extensive study of 10 popular online gaming providers aims to find out the extent of due diligence applied in their online operations. The main task is to eliminate problems during the game, as well as to prevent illegal actions. According to the survey, it was proven that the majority of licensed operators have minor violations. At the same time, they are in no hurry to correct mistakes. According to the agency, Kansspelautoriteit, the response must be quick and effective. Otherwise, all this negatively affects not only the quality of the services provided, but also the general behavior of players.

We need to work not only on the quality and legality of the work, but also on monitoring the condition of the players. It sounds strange, but in fact, prudence eliminates risky actions on the part of users that could lead to the loss of all financial savings. Regulated activities are aimed at monitoring the general condition of players, as well as preventing them from developing addictions.

Comments from the agency

The online gambling business is maximally developed. You can play slot machines and online casinos either from a mobile device or by visiting special institutions (physical casinos). There are no restrictions for players. And this is where the main danger lies. Operators provide interesting gambling games with a lot of features, free bonuses and other attractive features. Accordingly, if you do not control yourself, the situation may worsen, and the desire to win something takes over. What is the result? A person becomes addicted to gaming, which negatively affects not only his financial situation, but also affects his psycho-emotional state. And it is the high probability of developing addiction that is the main problem of modern casinos.

According to KSA, the casino does not monitor the players’ condition and ignores dangerous factors that can lead to the development of real problems in a person. A comprehensive audit showed that preventive measures are not carried out fully or are completely absent.

Research results

The Dutch agency KSA proposed a tougher policy and the involvement of the Ministry of Justice and Security. There are not enough laws adopted to regulate the activities of casinos. You need to regularly monitor your work and make adjustments to help achieve maximum efficiency. The regulator believes that such measures will help operators increase their level of diligence. It is worth emphasizing that this is not about the quality of the services provided, but about the clients themselves. Operators must be able to review factors that indicate the possible development of gambling addiction. In this state, the player risks losing everything. Frankly, for the casino, getting maximum profit from the user is the best outcome. But by legalizing the gambling business, the Dutch authorities hope to receive high-quality services, and at the same time preserve the psycho-emotional state of a person.

KSA puts safe gaming first, and rightfully so. The player must be protected from all problems associated with gambling. The KSA Chairman noted that recently, their agency has been receiving alarming signals. In order to avoid mass violations, inspections of service providers have begun. Based on the results, it became clear that the rules need to be tightened.

A few words about prevention

Due diligence revealed that the first 10 suppliers were unable to resolve the issues. They lacked the level of discretion. Such an omission can be fatal for gamblers. Game providers are unable to adequately address issues. The main reason is the lack of real-time monitoring. Without this, it is impossible to respond to problems in a timely manner and begin to solve them. This methodology results in a delay in identifying problems.

The agency proposes to tighten control, especially over new players aged 18-30 years. According to studies, this age category is more susceptible to gambling. In order to avoid serious expenses and disruption of the psycho-emotional state, the regulator proposes to monitor the amount of bets and compare them with the number of hours played. Amendments must be made to the legislation, otherwise it will remain at the level of talk.

Ksa intends to update its responsible gaming policy to include more detailed information on real-time monitoring obligations and additional rules for assessing gaming problems by online gaming operators. If “problem” players are detected, the operator is obliged to block their accounts. This set of measures will make it possible to control gambling activities, as well as reduce the harm from online gambling.

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