Wild West Gold is an exciting video slot created in the theme of the Wild West. This picture will appeal to all lovers of cowboys, constant showdowns and regular horse racing. The bold and incredible playing style attracts the attention of both beginners and professionals. The main feature of the slot is not only its colorful design and plot, but also a huge number of exciting rounds. Any game in Wild West Gold is doomed to success. Bonus features are activated on a regular basis, they are based on free spins and multipliers that can increase the total winnings several times.

Key features of slots

The game is characterized by a high return percentage and moderate volatility. What especially attracts gamers. You don’t need to think through any strategies, just play and hope for fateful situations.

The gaming interface of the slot, despite its theme, is quite friendly. Intuitively understandable, even for those who decided to try their hand at slots for the first time. On the main screen there are active buttons for selecting the bet size, the number of active lines and starting spins. The bottom of the screen displays basic information: the player's balance, current bet and last win. The upper right corner is equipped with a “Help” button, where gamers can find answers to popular questions and use technical support. Information is also provided here regarding the rules of the games and the features of each symbol. This is the cool thing about Wild West Gold, the client receives full support.

How to play?

In order to play for money, you need to place a bet. To do this, the player independently selects the number of active games. This can be done using the optional +/- buttons. The bet per line is selected according to a similar principle. Next, just click “Play” and start the first spin. The game process can be fully automated by activating the automatic spin function.

Important! Gambling is always a risk of losing money, it is always tedious to remember this. It is not recommended to place large bets right away.

Is there a maximum multiplier?

Winnings in a new slot can reach impressive amounts, and this is the honest truth. Especially if you get an additional multiplier and bonus rounds. The biggest winnings are available when using free spins with special multipliers.

How to win?

There is no special strategy. But it is recommended to understand the mechanics and features of the gaming slot. You need to focus on getting bonus symbols and features, which increases the likelihood of increasing your total bet.

Free spins are also important, they allow players to get extra spins without having to wager anything. Accordingly, the possibility of increasing your winnings increases several times.

Bonus symbols

The main value in any game comes from bonus symbols and features. The following options have been prepared for lovers of the Wild West:

  1. Wild symbols. Appear in the slot as a multiplier x2, x3 and x5. Ways to increase your overall winnings. Additionally, a prize line is available, which contains several Wild symbols at once. If several pieces appear, the total winnings are summed up.
  2. Sticky Wild symbols. Caught during free spins. Their main feature is their constant position throughout the game.
  3. Retrigger function. Caught in the bonus round. When activated, regular scatters are replaced with sheriff stars. Their peculiarity is that they receive additional free spins.
  4. Free spins. You can get it in the bonus round when you buy for 100x the current bet.

Separately, it is worth noting the symbol - Cowboy with a cigarette. It gives attractive bonuses. Valuable symbols are: a bag of gold coins and a revolver.

Is there a strategy?

Wild West Gold is not just a slot machine, but an incredible game that completely immerses you in the atmosphere of the Wild West. And in order for the game to become not only interesting, but also enjoyable in terms of money, it is recommended to carefully monitor your own actions. The main task of the player is to determine his budget and follow the rules of the game.

It is recommended to start games with lower bets, and increase them as you hone your skills. It is worth noting that any rotation is a generation of numbers. Accordingly, any rotation is completely random.

How to get the jackpot?

Jackpots are especially attractive to players, regardless of the game or its genre. The chances of getting a huge jackpot are minimal, that’s a fact. The drawing is carried out randomly, you do not need to do anything for this. No rounds, player levels or other indicators affect the receipt of money. But hope dies last, so don’t be upset. You need to play, enjoy the process and not forget that going beyond the allocated budget is not recommended.

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Reviewed on November 09, 2023
Wild West is a video slot game from Amaya. I have played this game couple of times because it is really nice and the wins are lucrative at times. This is a classic slot so I never make a deposit to play this game. I play this slot when I am desperate and playing with the last money on my balance.

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