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Why should you pay attention on free slots?

The slot machine is one of the offered online casino games, the mechanics of which are incredibly simple. There are a certain number of reels, most often from 3 to 7, pay-lines (their number and shape depend on the rules) and a “Start” button. The reels rotate and form a combination of symbols on the line. If luck is on your side and the same symbols fell on the entire line, then this round is yours.
Generally, slots work on the principle of deposits. That is, before starting the game, you need to make a money bet, and the winning coefficient depends on the seniority of the combination formed. But what if for some reason you do not want to spend funds, or are ready to this only in the future, but now as you are novice in the world of gambling you do not want to risk? There are two ways to play slot games for free.
  • Bonuses and free spins. This option is imposed with a huge number of conditions and difficulties, and is intended to eventually lead you to the paid format of the game, as many bonuses need to be wagered by making a deposit.
  • Free slots (Demo Versions). We will talk about them in our article, since free slots, although they are direct advertising of casinos and paid slots, free slots do not oblige you to anything for a while and you can simply enjoy the process. The downside is that they are limited in time or functionality, in comparison with their original.

Why to choose the free slots?

  • They are not limited by region. Since there is no interaction with money and gambling laws, every player from anywhere in the world can try to play the free slot. This is your only option if you live in a country where gambling is prohibited or casinos refuse to cooperate with the residents of your state.
  • Due to the well-known popularity of free slots, it is quite easy to find a high-quality slot without a cash investment, and constant software modernization has led to the fact that the most games support this format on mobile devices, all operating systems for PCs and laptops, tablets, etc.
  • Free games are presented in App Store, Google Play, and of course on casino websites in the special section.
  • Simplified registration process. To play the free version the website does not require the detailed user information (in comparison with the deposit version).
  • This is a good way to relax or to find new tactics if you are a regular betting slot machine player. Just turn off all paid games in your personal account and take a break.
  • The free version simplifies the process of choosing a slot game if you plan to switch to the paid mode in the future. The buttons and processes will be familiar and learned, the rules will be clear, and in general you will understand that you like this game.

Important things to pay attention to

  • A more serious point of checking the slot game, is that you need to find out how well the random number generator works. If you can predict the order of the combinations, if you get the feeling that the game goes too easy and wins are happening too often, then this is a reason to think about this more closely. A high-quality slot game should be completely unpredictable for all participants of the process, that is, for both the player and the casino.
  • Whether the game will require a deposit in order for you to continue playing. It is important to understand that the demo version and the completely free version of the slot game (which do not exist in the casino) are different things. The demo version gives you a temporary opportunity to play, and then either redirects to the paid mode, or asks for a small amount of up to $10 to continue.
  • Check how much personal information the application or site collects during the game using cookies, and whether it then distributes it to third parties. Read the user agreement if there is one. Usually high-quality slot games are written in Flash or HTML5.
  • Try to carefully choose even free versions of slot games, and if they are presented on the casino website, then check for a casino’s license to conduct gambling activities.
  • Slots with a dubious software manufacturer should not be played. Choose trusted developers like Yggdrasil Gaming, Microgaming, Net Entertainment or Playtech.

What will you learn while playing the demo or free game?

  • The location and action of each of the buttons, which trigger the automatic rotation of reels.
  • Assignment of additional buttons that adjust brightness, music volume, and animation speed.
  • General rules and order of processes in the slot game, obtaining and use of in-game bonuses.
  • The table of winnings and the value of each symbol.
  • The ratio between the reward and the size of the bet.
  • How do the parameters like the bet size, denomination (conversion of in-game tokens into real money) and pay-lines change? In demo or free version is the answer.
  • Slot game modes such as risk game, free spin, jackpot, etc.
  • And also, if you have problems regarding the game, you may contact support manager and he or she will help you to deal with any of them (better to do this before you make a money bet).

You need to study not only the work of free versions, but the topic of the work of casinos and online slots in general. The demo version will certainly offer you a transition to the paid section, but if you are not ready or you do not like the offered slot, then refuse or choose another. It worth to know that free slots are a method of advertising and the main goal of the casino is to encourage you to take more action.
For example, there are free slots, in which you receive in-game tokens while playing, which can be used in a paid game after making a deposit. Or, as a reward, casino can give you the lottery tickets in which prizes and bonuses are raffled off.
In general, if to approach this process deliberately, then free slot games are a good option to use every day without investing and to expand the knowledge about the world of gambling.