Sizzling Hot Deluxe

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Sizzling Hot Deluxe
Many players' tastes cannot be wrong! In the end, this led to Sizzling Hot Deluxe being the second most viewed among all Novomatic games. This is certainly also due to the updated and carefully thought-out redesign that has been invested in this classic slot machine. Bright and colorful symbols on five reels, sounds and simple functionality literally grab the player's attention. The result is a modern online game that offers more paylines and higher odds of winning.
Take advantage of the statistics according to which online casinos bring the player 20% more profit than offline slot machines. Each of the Sizzling Hot casinos contains the completely user-friendly Sizzling Hot Deluxe online game: no download required! Just register, clear instructions for the game will make the game fast and fun!
If you don't just love fruits in your cocktails, but also want to use them as a talisman, then you should play Sizzling Hot. Because with these cheeky fruits in the right combination, you can win big quickly. A special feature of the deluxe version is that not only the experience and creativity of the developers were included in it, because Sizzling Hot Deluxe free slot also included the wishes and suggestions of users of the previous version to create an even better gaming experience for all casino visitors. If you want to play Sizzling Hot Deluxe for free wellcome on our board. Thus, a slot machine has been developed to be loved by beginners and professionals alike.

Play for free online

Sizzling Hot Deluxe Slot | BigWinGuide
If you want to discover this game for yourself, you do not need to play directly for money, because there is also a demo version that can be used if you want to play for free first, to familiarize yourself with the game and the individual processes. The free version is just as fun and can be used whenever you don't have real money in your casino account. Anyone who has previously only used slot machines in arcades will love Sizzling Hot Deluxe video slot.
With this game, the developers have achieved such a good result, both in terms of graphics and sound, that you will no longer notice the difference and can get the arcade game right on your PC or mobile device. Since there are only 5 reels in this game, even beginners can quickly familiarize themselves with them, and if you see 7 as the only number in the game, you get extra points immediately. If you don't want to start each round yourself, Sizzling Hot Deluxe casino also has an automatic system that allows you to specify how many rounds should be played automatically.

This is how it plays out
Sizzling Hot Deluxe Slot | BigWinGuide
Once you are familiar with the basic rules, the game is easy to figure out. Because there are different combinations of fruits that bring points, which range from 1500 to 15000 points depending on the combination.
There are no "real" bonus symbols in Sizzling Hot Deluxe games. The star acts as a scatter symbol, but does not bring any bonuses or free spins. Here's an overview of the profit you can get with the star:
  • three stars - double stake is paid;
  • four Stars - Paid 10x the stake;
  • five Stars - Pays 50 times the stake.
However, this becomes especially interesting when you get 7 in the game, because if you are especially lucky and you have 7 on all 5 reels, you will get 1000 times your stake. With a minimum of 1 cent per reel and a maximum of € 20 per reel, you can play a lot here and hope for big wins if all reels stop at 7.

Theme and soundtrack

Sizzling Hot Deluxe is set against a two-tone red and purple background. This Novomatic slot machine does not rely on graphics and features to intrigue players, as evidenced by simple 2D reel icons? Shuch as joker or lucky lady. It relies more on simple traditional reel spins that come up more often than you might think. The sounds match the traditional Novomatic drum sounds, which are reminiscent of common ground vehicle sounds.
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